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When you are building or remodeling your kitchen, one of your primary goals may be to optimize your space for entertaining. Wine refrigerators or under-counter refrigerating drawers may be on the top of your list for luxury conveniences in your new kitchen, and True Residential is a top brand to choose for these handy features, bringing the performance of commercial refrigeration to the home. AUTCOhome Appliances is your ultimate destination for professional-style appliances for the home in St. Louis, and we carry True Residential along with a wide range of other leading brands to enhance the function and style of your kitchen.

Refrigeration for Entertaining

True Residential offers specialized refrigeration solutions for the home that can seamlessly integrate into the kitchen or stand up to the elements in outdoor entertaining spaces.

  • Beverage Dispenser – True beer lovers can enjoy beer on tap at home with a single or dual tap setup in the True Beverage Dispenser. Perfect for entertaining, this keg-carrying refrigerator is perfect for the indoors or the patio.
  • Beverage Center – The True Beverage Dispenser allows you to chill drinks icy cold with optimum precision in temperature control and a bottle-friendly layout that will have drinks chilled fast. With a 24″ glass overlay door, this small but powerful fridge can fit in anywhere in the house where cold drinks are in-demand.
  • Wine Cabinet – Wine storage is a fine art that has been perfected with the Wine Cabinet. Temperature and humidity control lets you keep wines in their ideal environment, and vibration is kept minimal with specially designed racks that ensure complete protection of your finest bottles of wine. The 24″ model of the Wine Cabinet can store 45 bottles, and the 15″ Cabinet can house 23 bottles.
  • Under-counter refrigeration – The Undercounter Refrigerator Drawer can change the way you use your kitchen, allowing you to store fresh produce and your favorite ingredients right where you will prepare them. For more flexible storage right in the heart of the kitchen, you might choose an integrated Undercounter Refrigerator with a more conventional hinging door, which features UL-rated glass to stand up to the outdoors.

True: From Commercial to Residential

The True brand is well-recognized by professionals in the restaurant and hospitality industries, but their technology has only recently been refined for use in the residential space. Through detailed American craftsmanship and design that is completely streamlined for the home, True Residential can give your home just the right edge for entertaining.

AUTCOhome Appliances can help you as you design your dream kitchen with a stunning selection of luxury appliances as showcased in model kitchens at our St. Louis Showroom. You can begin your kitchen planning with us by calling (314) 373-2000 for more details about the high-end brands we carry.

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