Miele USA Appliances

Miele is a trusted name in luxury appliances around the world, and the Miele USA brand is well-recognized as a symbol of long-lasting efficiency and sleek, European-style design in American households. If you are shopping for appliances in St. Louis, AUTCOhome Appliances is your ultimate source for Miele appliances, which will add convenience and sophistication to any home.

The Miele Brand

Miele was founded in 1899 as a family owned and operated company, and it remains under family ownership to this day. The first Miele appliances were inscribed with the phrase “forever better,” which has continued to be reflected with superior craftsmanship and style in every product from coffee makers to dual fuel ranges.

Miele Sustainability

In addition to a commitment to quality, Miele has remained dedicated to sustainability both in company practices and appliance design. With the high demand for energy-efficient appliances in the market today, Miele designs products that will reduce the environmental impact of your household and optimize convenience through innovative design.

Appliance Selection

You can outfit your whole kitchen with Miele USA appliances to create a clean and stylish appeal for a modern home. Below you’ll get a closer look at their distinctive lines of kitchen appliances that can bring more efficiency to your home.

  • Ranges and cooktops – Miele rangetops combine professional-style gas burners and infrared griddle cooktops, which can unlock the creativity of any chef. You might also explore induction or 5-burner electric cooktops if you do not have a gas hookup in your home.
  • Ovens and warming drawers – Miele offers the same fuel flexibility as their ranges in their ovens with convection, steam, and speed ovens. The combi-steam oven functions as a three-in-one appliance with the function of a steam oven, convection oven, or both at once. Warming drawers and cup/plate warming drawers can also be an excellent addition to the kitchen if you frequently entertain.
  • Dishwashers – The sleek design of Miele full-sized dishwashers with hidden control panels or custom door panels can complete the modern appeal of your kitchen and leave your dishes sparkling clean while using less water and less energy. Miele Slimline dishwashers are ideal for small spaces, as they use less space and offer the same efficient function as their full-sized counterparts.
  • Microwaves – Miele microwaves offer XL cavities, over a dozen automatic programs and 900 Watts of power to bring Miele sophistication to your convenience cooking. With top control design, you can preserve the design theme of your kitchen and fit multiple plates in the microwave at once.

AUTCOhome Appliances carries all leading brands of appliances for the home, so you can create a custom appeal in your house with the latest innovations for every room. To discover more of what we have to offer to your home, call us at (314) 373-2000.

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