• Signs That It’s Time to Get a New Fridge

    Today’s luxury kitchen appliances can be extremely efficient, but their older counterparts might not be so effective. If your refrigerator is not as trusty as it used to be, it might be time to start thinking about a replacement. Read on for a few signs that it’s time to get a new fridge.

    Repairs Are Adding Up

    Repairing your refrigerator typically seems like a more affordable route than buying a new one, but what happens when its breakdowns come more and more frequently? If you are calling for repairs on a regular basis, you could be funneling money into a lost cause. Consider the price of repairs in relation to the total cost of the refrigerator. Then check the price of a new refrigerator, but consider the money you stand to save in efficiency.

    Efficiency Is Dropping

    The purpose of your refrigerator is to keep your food fresh for as long as it can, and some units are better at this task than others. Faulty or malfunctioning fridges will dip in efficiency, which means a couple of things for your household. Firstly, your food will not stay as fresh for as long. This can reduce the quality of your meals and eliminate the option of leftovers. Additionally, you might see your energy bills rise by a significant degree. If this is the case, it is probably time for you to look for a new unit.

    Your Fridge Is Old

    No appliances last forever, and you can always take your children’s drawings down and attach them to your new unit. If your refrigerator is nearing ten or even fifteen years old, you can expect its performance to drop off substantially. Look for a new fridge before you think you need one.

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  • Tips for Purchasing New Appliances

    New luxury kitchen appliances can be exciting and convenient, but it’s important to choose the right units for your home. Watch this video clip for a few tips for purchasing new appliances.

    Your kitchen appliances should reflect your cooking needs and habits. Consider the size of your kitchen, and measure carefully to determine what size unit you need. Remember that countertop units may be small, but they do take up surface space. Look for sales and deals online, and refrain from adding any features that you do not think you will consistently use.

    AUTCOhome Appliances is happy to take care of the St. Louis area’s luxury kitchen appliance needs. Feel free to give us a call at (314) 549-8462 or call Construction Appliance by AUTCOhome at (636) 224-4038 for more information. You can also visit our website to learn about our induction cooktops, gas ranges, and other luxury kitchen appliances.

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