• See How GE Kitchen Appliances Stand Up to This Busy Firehouse Kitchen

    Fighting fire is a busy and tasking job, which means firefighters need luxury kitchen appliances in St. Louis to come back to. Fortunately GE appliances give them everything they need to keep their kitchen running and their fighters fed. Watch this video for a sneak peek.

    The kitchen tends to be the heart of the home where the family gets ready for their days and then reconvenes for dinner, and the same type of dynamic exists in the firehouse. The kitchen is always buzzing, and trusty GE kitchen appliances are always able to deliver the filling nutrients firefighters need to take on the next task.

    For more information about GE kitchen appliances, feel free to call AUTCOhome Appliances at (314) 373-2000. Whether you need induction cooktops, refrigerators, or gas ranges, we are happy to provide luxury kitchen appliances in St. Louis. Visit our website or stop by for more information.

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