• Spotlight on Dacor’s Discovery Ranges

    If you’re looking for a new convection oven, gas range, or induction cooktop, you should take a look at Dacor’s line of high-end kitchen appliances . Dacor’s luxury appliance line includes their innovative Discovery gas ranges. Here’s a look at some of the high-tech features of Dacor’s Discovery gas ranges.

    High Performance SimmerSear Gas Range Burners

    Dacor’s high performance SimmerSear gas range burners allow you much more control over your cooking, even at very low temperatures. Unlike other convection ovens, gas ranges, or induction cooktops, the Discovery line allows you to melt and simmer on each gas range burner without worrying about scorching. Their SimmerSear gas range burners provide precise control at ultra-high or ultra-low temperatures, and each burner is sealed and covered in a porcelain enamel for easy cleanup.

    iQ Controller and iQ Remote App

    Another high-tech feature of Dracor’s high-end kitchen appliances is their use of the company’s patented iQ technology. The Discovery gas range’s iQ controller is a fully-integrated, Wi-Fi connected tablet that delivers the Dracor iQ cooking app and luxury appliance guide to your fingertips for a rich, easy cooking experience. The iQ remote app allows you to control and monitor your Dracor Discovery gas range using any mobile device that has the app. This means that even if you’re in a different room, or away from home completely, you can ensure that your gas range is turned off.

    SmartFlame and Perma-Flame Technology

    Dracor’s Discovery gas range operates using exclusive SmartFlame and Perma-Flame technology. Perma-Flame technology automatically re-ignites the gas range’s burner for continuous, uninterrupted cooking. The SmartFlame technology reduces the gas range flame’s contact with the grate to prevent grate or burner discoloration, and increases the lifespan of the gas range.

    At AUTCOhome Appliances, we offer the full range of Dracor Discovery luxury kitchen appliances in St. Louis. You can view and operate Dracor’s high-end kitchen appliances at our conveniently located kitchen appliance showrooms near Westport, Fenton, and O’Fallon. To learn more about our selection of Dracor, Sub-Zero appliances, Wolf appliances, and True Residential appliances, call us today at (314) 373-2000.

  • Highlights in the History of Dacor Appliances

    History says a lot when it comes to high end kitchen appliances. Consumers want the best brands with the experience to back up their products. For Dacor appliances , that history has been etched across the pages of America. From its humble beginnings in 1948 to the future of tomorrow, Dacor has been in the business of kitchens for a long time.

    10 Years of Innovation

    In 1948, Stanthony Corp was founded by Stan and Anthony Joseph and debuted its Self-Contained Ventilation Hood. This was the first of its kind for residential consumers. It included features such as easy installation, lifetime filters, and twin blowers.

    Stanthony wasn’t satisfied with just the Ventilation Hood, though. In 1957, the Indoor Electric BBQ was unveiled. It was a patented indoor barbeque made so families could enjoy it whenever they wanted to, year-round.

    New Name, Same Innovative Spirit

    1965 saw the end of Stanthony, and the beginning of the Distinctive Appliance Corporation, or Dacor . Just because they had a new name didn’t mean Dacor would strive for anything less than their best. Ten years after incorporating, Dacor released a modular cooking system. This system was designed with smaller kitchen spaces in mind, so everyone could experience the joy of cooking a full and healthy meal.

    The Recent Past, and the Continuous Future

    Continuing with their space-utilizing model, Dacor released drop-in gas ranges in 1985. These featured continuous grates across the range to move cookware over the burners. Dacor released innovative ovens, stovetops, and dishwashers through the years until 2013 when the Discover iQ Wall Oven was released. This technological wonder is one of the first smart ovens for the consumer wanting a connected kitchen. Always being at the forefront of inventive luxury appliances, it’s only a matter of time to see the next wonder Dacor has to offer.

    Whether you’re looking for Kitchenaid appliances or Dacor appliances, AUTCOhome Appliances has several brands of luxury kitchen appliances in St. Louis . We want to provide our customers with the best options. Call us at (314) 373-2000 or visit our showroom.

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