• Comparing Convection and Conventional Ovens

    When it comes to luxury kitchen appliances , a new oven is typically at or near the top of the list for most homeowners, especially the state-of-the-art convection ovens of today. Compared to conventional ovens, convection ovens have many benefits that more than justify the larger price tag—but the same can be said of almost all high-end luxury kitchen appliances. If you’re shopping for a new oven, read on to learn more about the differences between convection and conventional ovens and why a luxury convection oven is worth the investment.

    Cooking Technology

    The biggest difference between convection and conventional ovens stems from the technology and method with which each oven cooks, bakes, and broils. While conventional ovens cook food by surrounding it with hot air, convection ovens circulate the hot air for faster and more even heating. It doesn’t seem like much, but the simple addition of a fan took conventional ovens to whole new levels of capability and performance .

    Cooking Capabilities

    Speaking of cooking capabilities, convection ovens can do a lot more than conventional ovens, and they can do it all much better too. For example, while baking in a conventional oven requires rotating the food at least once to prevent uneven browning, convection ovens don’t pose this threat to baked food items since the circulation of heated air promotes more even cooking. Convection ovens also allow you to cook multiple items at once, which can be a real lifesaver during the holidays when time is of the essence.

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  • The Novice’s Guide to Cooking with Convection

    If you want to cook your meals with precision, accuracy, and evenness, a convection oven is the luxury kitchen appliance you need. Although this type of appliance practically operates itself, a few cooking tips can always be helpful. Here is the novice’s guide to cooking with convection.

    Understanding Convection

    No matter how experienced you are with conventional ovens, the convection oven changes the game. Convection ovens cook faster, more evenly, and with more precision than their predecessors, and there are a few factors that allow this to happen. While a conventional oven will heat your dish from the top or bottom surface, the heat remains in one place rather than evenly filling the cavity of the oven. Convection ovens, on the other hand, use fans to circulate this hot air and set the stage for a perfectly even heating of your food. While this is an excellent advantage, it helps to understand how this change will affect your cooking.

    Modifying Your Recipes

    Since convection ovens provide heat more quickly and evenly, you will likely modify your recipe when switching from a conventional oven. There are a couple of different ways you can adapt to your new and improved oven and begin creating your best meals yet. In order to control for the quick heat that convection ovens offer, you should either reduce the temperature or the amount of time in the oven that your recipe calls for.

    Knowing When to Use It

    As advantageous as cooking with convection can be, it is better suited for certain meals than others. Convection is a great idea when it comes to toasting, roasting, or baking cookies and pastries. On the other hand, it may not be ideal for cakes and soufflés. Bread is typically up to the individual’s taste.

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  • Using Your Oven’s Convection Switch

    A brilliant chef knows how to manipulate every luxury kitchen appliance in order to create an unforgettable meal. If you use a convection oven, this means that you should be familiar with its convection switch. Keep reading if you are interested in learning how to make the most of your oven’s convection switch.

    Convection cooking is not always necessary, but you will know when it is. When it comes time to cook pizza, cookies, or meats to a nice crisp, you may want to use the convection feature on your oven. When you turn on your oven’s convection switch, you operate a convection fan within the unit. Since heat is generated at the back of convection ovens, a convection fan will move this heat around the inside of the oven. This ensures that every area within the oven receives an even amount of heat, resulting in a perfectly crispy and uniform meal.

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  • A Look at the Science Behind Convection Ovens

    Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or just looking for some new, high-end appliances that make cooking easier, make sure a convection oven is at the top of your list. Like gas ranges, convection ovens are a mainstay of professional kitchens—and for good reason. Convection ovens promise faster cooking times, evenly cooked food, and improved energy efficiency over conventional ovens. Read this brief article to learn more about how convection ovens work, and then visit a luxury kitchen appliance showroom in St. Louis to get a closer look for yourself.

    The Oven

    The biggest difference between convection ovens and radiant ovens (also called thermal ovens) is that convection ovens have a fan that continuously circulates hot air through the cavity. Some convection ovens called “true convection” or “European convection” ovens have an additional heating element that evenly heats the air before being blown onto the food.

    The Results

    Convection ovens operate on the scientific principle that moving air speeds up the rate of heat transference. A good example of this principle is wind chill: You feel colder more quickly when cold air blows against you than you do on a day with no wind. The rush of hot air inside a convection oven speeds up the chemical reactions that occur when food cooks, resulting in meats, veggies, and deserts that are perfectly prepared about 25% faster than in a thermal oven.

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