• Cleaning Your New Grill

    Your beautiful new grill can keep its new shine and remain sparklingly clean as long as you afford it the necessary maintenance. Like all luxury kitchen appliances, however, there is a right way and a wrong way to clean your grill. Continue reading for a few helpful tips on cleaning your new grill.

    Grates, Hood, and Walls

    Before you start cleaning, make sure your grill is completely off. Then you can disconnect and remove the propane tank as well as the grates and underlying metal plates. Leave the grates and plates in a bucket of soap and hot water before moving on to your hood. Protect the heating elements with foil and scrub your hood with a grill brush . When you have finished scrubbing the inside of the hood, use the same tool to scrub the inner walls of your grill. Finish this section off by taking a moist paper towel and wiping the walls down.

    Innards and Cabinet

    At this point, you can remove the soaking grates and plates from their bucket and scrub them down. Use a hose to rinse off the cleaning agent and allow them to dry. Remove the foil that you laid over your heating elements and wipe them down with your brush. Put your newly cleaned grate and metal plates back and replace your propane tank. If your grill has a cabinet, now would be the time to shift your attention towards it. Be sure to remove any twigs, sticks, leaves, or other debris from the cabinet of your grill using a broom.

    Exterior Polish

    Now that the inside of your grill and its main components are looking fresh again, it is time to catch the exterior up to speed. Use stainless steel wipes to wipe down and clean off the outside of your grill, leaving you with a squeaky clean new grill.

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