Strategies for Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Appliances

Imagine this—you’ve finished designing your dream kitchen with sleek stainless steel appliances, only to discover that they soon start to show stains and smudges. The good news is that modern stainless steel appliances come with smudge-resistant finishes, but it’s still important to know the best ways to keep your new luxury appliances clean and beautiful. Here are a few tips to help you keep your stainless steel kitchen appliances looking their best.

Stay Away from Harsh Solutions

When it comes to keeping stainless steel clean, it’s best to take a gentle approach. For wiping the surfaces down, a microfiber cloth or high-quality paper towel will be best. These options allow you to remove smudges and debris without any risk of scratching your stainless steel appliances. Never use an abrasive scrubber pad or steel wool on stainless steel surfaces, as these can scratch the steel, making your high-end appliance look old and worn out. You should also stick to gentle cleansers to keep your stainless steel looking its best.

 Choose from Home-Made or Store-Bought Cleansers

There are many solutions you can mix up at home that will keep your stainless steel appliances clean and sanitized. For instance, dish soap and baby oil, white vinegar and olive oil, and club soda mixed with water are all safe and effective solutions that you can use to clean stainless steel. If you prefer the convenience of store-bought cleansers, look for an option that is specifically designed for cleaning stainless steel.

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