Cooking Modes by Monogram

Monogram’s kitchen appliances are renowned for the level of versatility and efficiency they lend to the cooking process. With a Monogram appliance , you can plan to cook for virtually any occasion, from dinner parties to casual meals. These are some of the different cooking modes available for Monogram appliances:

Bake. The fundamental yet essential bake mode is a simple dry heat to bake breads, cookies, or even casseroles, in your range or oven.

Broil. For high-heat to cook a particular dish, Monogram’s broil mode can provide even and consistent heat to brown or roast dishes.

Rapid boil. Need to cook up a kettle of soup or a pot of pasta in a hurry? The rapid boil mode—available for ranges, cooktops, and range tops—offers quick and easy boiling power.

Melting. For a dish that requires carefully melted cheese or chocolate, this powerful mode will gently melt without scouring or burning your ingredients.

Sous vide. French for “under vacuum”, sous vide is a low temperature cooking mode for vacuum-sealed food placed in a water bath for longer than normal cooking times.

Speedcook. For extremely fast and efficient cooking, Monogram’s Advantium ovens, combine ceramic, halogen and radiant elements along with microwave energy to make even week night meals special.

Convection. For uniform roasting or baking, the highly efficient convection mode will circulate air around the food for even cooking.

Microwave. When you’re in a rush and don’t have time to linger over your next meal, Monogram’s microwave mode provides fast and efficient cooking power.

Keep Warm. If you don’t have time to eat right away, this helpful mode—available with ovens, hoods, electric cooktops, and warming drawers—will keep your dish it warm for you until you’re ready.

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