Wine Storage FAQs and Answers

An aged bottle of wine can be the perfect addition to any meal, but it needs to be stored correctly to make sure it doesn’t go bad while it is aging. To store your wine, decide what type of luxury kitchen appliance you might need, and how you should go about maintaining your bottles. The following are some answers to common questions that will guide you through your decision making process.

How should I position my wine for storage?

The key to storing a corked wine bottle is keeping the wine in contact with the cork. Cork contains air pockets, so it needs to remain moist in order to keep the bottle sealed. The contact between the wine and the cork causes the cork to swell and maintain the seal, so the wine can age properly rather than losing its flavor. By laying your wine bottles on their sides, you can ensure that the wine itself will continue to saturate the cork and allow the drink to age appropriately.

Do I need special appliances?

If you’re interested in wine, you likely know that you can’t just store it however you’d like. Aging your wine properly takes care and planning, and it helps to have a wine cooler among your kitchen appliances to help the process along.

Should I turn the bottles I store?

Many people think they have to rotate their bottles of wine in order for them to age properly, but this is not the case. While it is important for the wine to stay in contact with the cork, you don’t have to keep turning the bottle over for this to happen. As long as the wine is stored on its side in the appropriate conditions, there’s no need to rotate the bottle.

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