What Can You Do with the Dacor Modernist Steam Range?

High-end kitchen appliances change the way you use your kitchen. They impact your design, and they give you all the tools you need to let your creativity take over. The Dacor Modernist steam range is high-tech, attractive, and a powerful addition to any kitchen. Keep reading and see what you can do with the Dacor Modernist steam range.

Monitor from Your Phone

You know you’re dealing with a true luxury kitchen appliance when you can connect to it with your phone. As part of the Dacor Modernist Collection, the Pro Dual-Fuel Steam Range supports Smart iQ Control. This lets you use the Dacor iQ Kitchen Connect app to set a timer, change the lighting, and set the proper temperature all from your phone. The hood also uses Bluetooth technology to automatically adjust to the heat of the burner.

See Inside and Out

The Dacor Modernist steam range is a sight to see both on the inside and the outside. With one main light in the central cavity and LED lights built into the door, you can see exactly what’s going on inside. As if the steam range wasn’t attractive enough on its own, it also makes full use of Illumina Knobs. These knobs glow when you touch them, adding to the aesthetics and safety of your kitchen.

Cook Quickly and Evenly

Luxury appliances aren’t just about design and convenience—they also need to get the job done. The Pro Dual-Fuel Steam Range allows you to cook your meals quickly and evenly thanks to its dual fans. The four-part dual convection distributes heat evenly throughout the main cavity, so your meal comes out to perfection every time. It even makes cleaning the appliance easy thanks to its steam capabilities.

When it comes to the Dacor Modernist steam range, it’s more of a question of what you can’t do. You can check out these luxury kitchen appliances in St. Louis or take a look at refrigerators and wine storage options by visiting an AUTCOhome Appliances showroom . You can also give us a call at (314) 373-2000 for more information.

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