Luxury Refrigeration Options from the Dacor Modernist Line

There are kitchen appliances, and then there are luxury appliances . The Dacor Modernist line can bring your kitchen design up to date with a column refrigerator or freezer. If you want to skip straight to the future, then you might need the Four-Door FreshZone Plus. Read on and learn about the luxury refrigeration options Dacor has to offer.

Column Refrigerator

They’re sleek, they’re versatile, and they’re totally connected. The refrigerator columns you’ll find in the Dacor Modernist Collection are as intelligent and intuitive as they are attractive. They come in 24”, 30”, and 36” options, and each one is packed with impressive features. From the iQ-Kitchen app that allows you to see what’s inside your refrigerator in real-time to the 3D interior lighting that adjusts to the lighting in the room, you’ll quickly realize that these aren’t your average kitchen appliances.

Column Freezer

Dacor’s column freezers come with some of the same features as their refrigerators, but with an additional 18” option. These freezers use the same kind of 3D lighting as the fridges, and they both take advantage of SpaceMax storage capacity. If you love to entertain, you’ll love the dual ice maker that comes with Dacor Modernist freezer columns. The freezer sets one ice maker to create regular ice cubes and the other to set bigger cubes so they last longer in your drink. You can even open up the door with just the tap of a button.

Four-Door FreshZone Plus French Door

The Four-Door FreshZone Plus French Door is the epitome of a luxury kitchen appliance. At 42”, it has plenty of room for your fresh ingredients and your leftovers. The refrigerator compartment is situated above the freezer, and both open with French doors. FreshZone Plus technology also lets you convert your fridge and freezer at your convenience.

It doesn’t get much more luxurious than the Dacor Modernist Collection, and you can look at your refrigerator options up-close at an AUTCOhome Appliances showroom. Our website shows off some of our luxury kitchen appliances in St. Louis, so head over today or call us at (314) 373-2000 for more information.

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