Dacor’s VirtualFlame: Combining Elegance with Safety

Today’s luxury kitchen appliances are keeping up with modern design, which means they’re becoming much sleeker. Sharp corners and streamlined designs may be visually appealing, but they can sometimes be dangerous for children. Continue reading to find out how Dacor’s VirtualFlame combines elegance with safety.

Modern kitchen appliances are often so camouflaged into the design that you might not even realize you’re looking at a refrigerator. With gas ranges and induction cooktops, this can prove to be dangerous. Induction cooktops are completely flat surfaces, and sometimes it’s difficult to tell if the appliance is on and if the surface is hot. That’s where Dacor’s VirtualFlame comes in. Beautiful blue LED lights will surround the cook zone when it’s in use, so it’s easy for anyone to tell if the surface is safe to touch. This helps prevent injuries in the kitchen, and it’s a pleasant sight to behold.

Luxury kitchen appliances in St. Louis should be safe too, and Dacor’s VirtualFlame makes sure their cooktops are as family-friendly as they are elegant. If you’re on the market for an induction cooktop, call AUTCOhome Appliances at (314) 373-2000 or browse through our website for a look at our products.

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