Technology Features You’ll Find in the Dacor Modernist Collection

Kitchen appliances are smarter, more reliable, and more durable than they used to be, and the Dacor Modernist Collection has plenty of examples to prove it. Modern luxury kitchen appliances may include touchscreens with Internet connectivity, phone monitoring capabilities, and even buttons that open your refrigerator doors for you. Read on to learn about Dacor Modernist Collection’s technology features.

Wi-Fi Touchscreen

Modern cars have touchscreen displays, so why shouldn’t your luxury kitchen appliances? When you choose the Dacor Modernist Collection, you can have an LCD screen on your kitchen range. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, and it syncs up with your Wi-Fi network. On top of the screen’s simple yet elegant controls, its lights and sleek appearance will contribute to your modern kitchen design.

Phone Monitoring

While it’s true that you shouldn’t walk away from the kitchen while you’re cooking, modern technology makes it easier to stay connected remotely. If you’re sitting down for appetizers while you wait for the main course to be ready, you don’t even have to get up to check on the entree. Remote viewing capabilities let you use your phone to connect to your appliances. Your app will display the temperature of the oven and how long it’ll take for your food to be ready.

Door Opening Button

How do you know that your kitchen appliances are truly luxurious? They respond to a simple tap. Whether you just finished grocery shopping or you’re wrangling up leftovers from dinner, you’ll have your hands full. Refrigerators from the Dacor Modernist Collection will open their doors for you with the tap of the button. They open gently so they don’t disturb anything on the shelves, and you won’t have to worry about dropping your ingredients.

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