• Searing the Perfect Steak on Your Electrolux Rangetop

    The best part about luxury kitchen appliances is that they make cooking unbelievably simple. With the right rangetop, you can create a delightful meal for your family with almost no effort. Watch this video on searing the perfect steak on your Electrolux rangetop.

    With an Electrolux rangetop, your steak will practically sear itself. First, add some salt and pepper to your steak. Then get your cooktop ready by putting it on high. Heat your pan and add your oil, and cook one side for three or four minutes. Then flip it over and do the same thing. After letting the steak rest for a few minutes, add sauce.

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  • Technology Features You’ll Find in the Dacor Modernist Collection

    Kitchen appliances are smarter, more reliable, and more durable than they used to be, and the Dacor Modernist Collection has plenty of examples to prove it. Modern luxury kitchen appliances may include touchscreens with Internet connectivity, phone monitoring capabilities, and even buttons that open your refrigerator doors for you. Read on to learn about Dacor Modernist Collection’s technology features.

    Wi-Fi Touchscreen

    Modern cars have touchscreen displays, so why shouldn’t your luxury kitchen appliances? When you choose the Dacor Modernist Collection, you can have an LCD screen on your kitchen range. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, and it syncs up with your Wi-Fi network. On top of the screen’s simple yet elegant controls, its lights and sleek appearance will contribute to your modern kitchen design.

    Phone Monitoring

    While it’s true that you shouldn’t walk away from the kitchen while you’re cooking, modern technology makes it easier to stay connected remotely. If you’re sitting down for appetizers while you wait for the main course to be ready, you don’t even have to get up to check on the entree. Remote viewing capabilities let you use your phone to connect to your appliances. Your app will display the temperature of the oven and how long it’ll take for your food to be ready.

    Door Opening Button

    How do you know that your kitchen appliances are truly luxurious? They respond to a simple tap. Whether you just finished grocery shopping or you’re wrangling up leftovers from dinner, you’ll have your hands full. Refrigerators from the Dacor Modernist Collection will open their doors for you with the tap of the button. They open gently so they don’t disturb anything on the shelves, and you won’t have to worry about dropping your ingredients.

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  • Dacor Modernist Collection Spotlight: Cooking Appliances

    When you purchase high-end kitchen appliances, you expect your cooktops, ovens, and ranges to make your food prep and cooking easier as well as add to the design of your kitchen. The Dacor Modernist Collection features cooktops, range tops, and speed ovens that make working in the kitchen a joy. Read ahead as we shine the Dacor Modernist Collection spotlight on cooking appliances.

    Induction Cooktops

    As soon as you feast your eyes on the Dacor Modernist Collection, you’ll realize that the future has arrived. Just about everything in the house can be connected in modern times, and now even your luxury kitchen appliances can connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Dacor’s induction cooktops come in two sizes: 30 inches and 36 inches. The 36-inch cooktop has nine separate zones, and seven of them include booster performance. These cooktops also feature child locks, kitchen timers, and multiple stage residual heat indicators for enhanced kitchen safety.


    Both the 36-inch and 48-inch gas range tops from Dacor’s Modernist Collection are available in graphite or stainless steel and feature ambient lighting, and they can automatically connect to Bluetooth-enabled range hoods. Your burners will turn back on automatically if the flame goes out, and the continuous grates make it easy to move pots and pans around.

    Speed Ovens

    Combination speed ovens from Dacor only come in one size, but it’s the only one you’ll need. These kitchen appliances give you all the power and speed you need to enjoy a fully cooked meal with your family in no time. These ovens are also Wi-Fi capable, and you can use the LCD control panel to get to your favorite pre-programmed settings.

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