What to Consider When You’re Shopping for a New Oven

Shopping for a new oven can be about as complex as shopping for a new car. Even after you’ve narrowed down your choices to the top brands in kitchen appliances, there are dozens of models to choose from. Take a notebook with you when you visit the appliance showroom. For each model you assess, you can jot down a brief list of pros and cons. This will help you make your final decision.

Wall Oven or Range

Wall ovens have become quite popular in recent years. Their elevated position eliminates the awkward stooping over required for a traditional range oven. Many people feel that it’s easier and perhaps safer to remove hot casserole dishes from a wall oven. Plus, crawling babies won’t be able to reach the oven. The downside of wall ovens is that many kitchens must be remodeled to accommodate them. You’ll need wall space for the oven, along with an area for the separate cooktop. If you were planning to remodel your kitchen anyway, it’s a good idea to choose whether you want a wall oven or a range before you meet with the renovator.

Oven Power Options

Some chefs feel that electric ovens provide a distribution of heat that is more even compared to gas ovens. Electric ovens also tend to cost less in upfront costs. However, some chefs still prefer gas ovens because they can be more energy-efficient, and they respond instantly to adjustments in temperature. If you do choose a range instead of a wall oven, you might consider mixing heat sources. For example, you could choose an electric oven combined with a gas cooktop.

Design Features

Beyond these basic choices, there are plenty of modern design features to please even the most selective of home chefs. Some of these high-end kitchen appliances are a double oven unit, with two stacked oven compartments that operate independently of each other. This allows you to prepare dishes simultaneously, but at different temperatures. If you enjoy entertaining, consider selecting a model with a warming drawer. If you’re a bread baker, look for a steam option.

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