• Adjusting Cooking Times for Convection Ovens

    Convection ovens are a popular type of high-end kitchen appliance, because they offer a more complete and even heat for any meal or baked item you might make. Due to the different type of cooking that convection ovens offer, recipe cooking times must often be adjusted to accommodate routine recipes. Here is a better look at how you might adjust the time for cooking in your oven:

    There are a few accepted methods used to convert recipes from conventional cooking to convection cooking. You will want to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and your own recipe before making your final cook-time decision. Common conversions include baking at the same temperature for a shorter time or baking for the same time and reducing the temperature by 25 degrees. You may also slightly reduce the time and the temperature simultaneously.

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  • Upgrade Your Home Bar with the True Clear Ice Machine

    Your home bar should be outfitted with the latest luxury appliances like wine storage, refrigerators, and a True Clear ice machine. True Residential manufactures these amazing ice machines that will raise your home bar to the next level. Watch the video and read on for a better look.

    This True Residential luxury appliance features a water filter to produce crystal clear ice cubes. It also includes a multicolored light that can shine 14 different colors onto your ice. In addition to a sleek design that will match your other appliances, the True Clear ice machine can produce up to 70 pounds of ice cubes each day to accommodate your entertaining needs.

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  • Exploring Your Monogram Wall Oven Options

    There are many types of wall ovens that offer convection cooking, easy controls, and helpful cleaning options. Monogram is one of the best manufacturers of these luxury appliances, offering choices to suit any homeowner’s cooking style. Keep reading to see which of Monogram’s ovens may be perfect for your kitchen.

    Pizza Oven

    If you love pizza—and you want to make restaurant-quality pizza at home—then you should install a Monogram pizza oven. This appliance features easy-to-use touch controls and precise heating zones that will make your pizzas taste as if they came straight from a professional pizzeria.

    Speedcooking Oven

    Monogram’s speedcooking oven combines four different types of cooking settings, including a convection oven. This high-quality built-in oven can cook foods , without any preheating, up to eight times faster than similar cooking options.

    Double Oven

    The double oven features five cubic feet per oven, which will give you 10 cubic feet of space for all your meals. This oven includes convection heating with direct air, so your food will be heated on all sides. It also features beautiful materials, inside and out, that are easy to clean.

    Single Oven

    The single oven carries very similar features to those found in the double oven options. One oven offers five cubic feet of space with confection heating. The interior door is made entirely of glass to allow for easy cleaning.

    French-Door Oven

    You can choose a French-door oven with or without a second oven option. The French doors are based on popular commercial kitchen designs, and they feature a mechanism that allows you to open both doors with only one hand. The French-door oven also includes a steam cleaning option in addition to self-clean functionality.

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  • Clever Ways to Keep Kitchen Appliances Clean

    When you use luxury kitchen appliances , you’ll want to keep your kitchen clean and free of spills and hazards. You can achieve this goal with simple cleaning tactics and household objects to help. Let’s take a closer look at some clever ways to help you keep your kitchen clean.

    Use a ruler for those under-appliance spills.

    There are times when large spills may seep under the oven or refrigerator. It may seem impossible to clean these spills without moving these heavy kitchen appliances. However, you can keep all areas of your floor clean with a ruler and a mild cleaning mixture. For example, use a mixture of warm water and an appropriate cleanser for your floors. Dip a microfiber cloth into the liquid and wrap it around a ruler that you can slide under the appliance for an easy clean.

    Use a potato for broken glasses.

    Delicate glassware or dishes can end up broken after running through a dishwasher cycle. Thankfully, you can grab half of a potato and a flashlight to easily locate and remove any shards. Wear gloves when handling any type of glass to avoid cutting yourself. As you find the glass shards—by using the flashlight—dab the potato onto the area where it will pick up and embed the specks of glass. Discard the potato and run an empty cycle to flush out remaining glass pieces.

    Use a spatula for dried food chunks.

    Large globs of food can accumulate and dry in your oven, microwave, freezer, and counter. You may be tempted to use a razor to remove some of these hard chunks, but you can severely damage the surfaces of your kitchen appliances. Instead, choose a wooden or plastic spatula for these hard-to-remove food chunks.

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