• Baking Tips: Oven Temperature Settings for Metal and Glass Pans

    When you are baking in glass or metal pans, you will need to adjust your oven temperature accordingly. In this video, you will learn some important oven temperature setting guides to keep in mind during your next baking project. Since glass heats up more quickly than metal, your convection oven may need to be set to a lower temperature when you bake in a glass pan. After you purchase new kitchen appliances for your home, you can take the time to read any special instructions about baking in your new oven.

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  • Tips for Making the Most of Your Oven’s Warming Drawer

    Today’s luxury kitchen appliances are equipped with many features that have been developed to enhance your experience when you are cooking in the kitchen. After you purchase a new convection oven, you may notice that your unit contains a separate warming drawer. Your oven’s warming drawer can prove to be invaluable when you are preparing large meals or hosting a gathering with your extended family. Read on to review some tips that will help you use your oven’s new warming drawer.

    Maintain Temperature of Dishes

    One of the main functions of your oven’s warming drawer is to keep side dishes and other items warm while you are waiting for your other courses to finish. Placing your side dishes in a warming drawer will help you to make sure that your entire meal is hot and ready to go when dinnertime arrives. You can set your warming drawer to the precise temperature that is ideal for your sides and other items.

    Heat Up Bowls and Plates

    Placing a hot dish into a cold bowl can cause your ingredients to cool down rapidly. On a chilly day, heating up your bowls and plates can also make your dining experience more cozy and comforting. Your warming drawer is the perfect space to gently heat up your bowls, plates, and other serving dishes.

    Store Items When Not in Use

    Perhaps one of the most common uses for an oven warming drawer is as an extra storage space in the kitchen. If you are in need of extra space to keep your cookie sheets and other baking items, you may find that your warming drawer is perfect for all of your storage needs.

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  • What Are the Benefits of Buying a Second Refrigerator?

    If your main refrigerator is overflowing and constantly disorganized, your family might be ready to invest in a second refrigeration unit. By visiting a store that sells kitchen appliances, you can find an efficient second refrigerator that is spacious enough to house all of your excess food items and perishables. To highlight the advantages of visiting your local appliance store, here is a look at three benefits of buying a second refrigerator for your home.

    Increased Storage Space

    One of the main reasons that families choose to buy second refrigerators is to increase their capacity for refrigerated storage. When you have two refrigerators, instead of just one, you will double the capacity for perishable items that you can store at home. If you have a large family, or live with people who have endless appetites, a second refrigerator will help you stock up on all your favorite foods.

    Ability to Buy in Bulk

    Purchasing bulk items from the grocery store can help you cut down on your monthly bills, while still buying fresh and healthy items for your family. However, purchasing bulk food can quickly crowd up your home’s main refrigerator. With a second refrigeration unit, you will have plenty of space to store all of your bulk pantry items.

    Reduced Stress During Holidays

    If your family tends to host the whole crew during holidays and other special occasions, a second refrigerator will help to free up space in your kitchen. Your second fridge will provide you with additional space to store prepared meals, and it can also be used to keep beverages and appetizers cool. By keeping a second refrigerator in your garage, you can make sure that you are ready for your next family get together.

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  • Highlighting Dacor’s Discovery TouchTop™ Induction Cooktops

    With the brand new luxury kitchen appliances that are constantly changing the cooking game, there’s no reason to live in the past. Dacor is happy to help you modernize your kitchen with Discovery TouchTop™ induction cooktops.

    Modern kitchen design should be streamlined and intuitive, which perfectly describes Dacor’s Discovery TouchTop™ appliances. These cooktops are available in 30” and 36” models, and they all feature slick and responsive touch controls. They use top-notch technology to offer an environmentally friendly cooking experience, with minimal heat escaping from your cookware. You will have 8 power levels to choose from, and you’ll also have the extra options of Simmer and Power Boost. If you need to address something in another room while you’re cooking, you can pause the operation and power will cut out immediately.

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