Kitchen Design Inspiration from Bosch

When you are shopping for luxury appliances for your kitchen, it is important to pick out pieces that match the aesthetic of your kitchen, as a whole. The Bosch line of luxury kitchen appliances offers products that can be tailored to match a variety of kitchen styles. If you are getting ready for a new kitchen construction project, read on to receive some helpful design inspiration from the makers of Bosch.

San Francisco Inspiration

San Francisco is a city that combines the fast-paced environment of the tech world with the more laid back California lifestyle. When designing a San Francisco kitchen, Bosch combined old and new looks to create a unique interior design scheme. Stainless steel Bosch appliances were used to add a sophisticated and contemporary flair to a kitchen that contained other, more rustic details.

New York Inspiration

Residents of New York City are familiar with making the most out of unconventional living spaces. Bosch helped a couple in Manhattan turn an open loft into the home of their dreams. While an open kitchen was desirable, it was also important to create some separation between the kitchen and living room areas. Premium Bosch appliances provided the kitchen design with a luxury look and feel.

Miami Inspiration

The Miami project was created for a larger family home. When designing the Miami kitchen, the Bosch team needed to make sure that the space was both beautiful and practical. Bosch’s 3-speed microwave oven, single wall oven, and steam convection oven were placed side by side to allow for easy meal prep. These three appliances were designed to function together during meal preparation for large, extended family gatherings.

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