• The Benefits of a Dedicated Beverage Refrigerator

    If you find that you lack space for beverages in your fridge , or never have cold drinks on hand where and when you need them, then you may benefit from having a dedicated beverage refrigerator in addition to your current kitchen appliances. These coolers can offer your family several benefits that can enhance the versatility and comfort of your home.

    Greater Drink Accessibility

    Enjoying ice-cold beverages might be considered one of the best parts of summer, and having chilled drinks readily available can be useful for year-round cooking and entertaining. When you include a dedicated beverage cooler in your home’s bar or areas where you entertain guests, you’ll benefit from the convenience of having cooled drinks nearby, preventing the need to travel to and from your kitchen.

    Easier Outdoor Entertaining

    If you spend a lot of time in the backyard with your family and friends, then you can benefit from an outdoor beverage cooler. First, you’ll enjoy the convenience of having plenty of space to store cold drinks in your outdoor entertaining area. Second, you can avoid the hassle of having guests continuously moving in and out of your home and kitchen.

    Additional Storage Space

    Even for households that have large refrigerators, having a separate cooler for drinks can be valuable. In many cases, families easily fill up their refrigerator’s shelves with condiments, groceries, and leftovers, around which they squeeze a few drinks. A dedicated beverage cooler helps you avoid a crowded fridge and provides room to store plenty of cold drinks.

    Improved Wine Preservation

    If wine is your beverage of choice, then consider including a wine refrigerator into your lineup of luxury appliances. A dedicated wine cooler is designed to maintain a consistent temperature range and eliminate natural light to help protect your aged wines.

    AUTCOhome Appliances carries a wide range of luxury kitchen appliances in St. Louis to help you improve the comfort and functionality of your home. To learn more about our beverage refrigerators and other selections from Wolf Appliances, Sub Zero Appliances, and more, call us today at (314) 373-2000.

  • Miele: Convenience and Sophistication

    Miele kitchen appliances offer unparalleled style and convenience for the modern kitchen. Miele offers a broad range of appliances for your home, including refrigerators, freezers, and wine units, all with a sleek, modern design. Choose Miele ranges and cooktops to pamper your inner chef. They feature professional-grade burners and griddles. Miele also offers versatile choices for ovens and warming drawers. Combination steam ovens are particularly ideal for the adventurous chef, with its ability to function as a steam or convection oven-or both at once. The unobtrusive design of Miele’s ovens and ranges blend in seamlessly with all styles of kitchens.

    When it’s time to clean up from your culinary explorations, the full-sized Miele dishwasher is up to the task with its custom door panels and hidden control panels to complement your décor. Or, choose Miele Slimline dishwashers for small spaces. Both lines combine style with energy efficiency.

    The representatives at AUTCOhome Appliances will be pleased to show you our collection of Miele USA appliances in our St. Louis showroom. Contact us at (314) 373-2000 with any questions you may have about our high-end selection of luxury kitchen appliances.

  • Essential Elements of a Luxury Kitchen

    The kitchen is truly the heart of the home and the elements of a high-end kitchen speak volumes about the style and personalities of the homeowners. Designated wine storage, for instance, indicates homeowners who love the good life and enjoy entertaining guests. Luxury kitchen appliances like steam ovens and infrared cooktops indicate that an accomplished chef lives there. Your custom kitchen can incorporate any design scheme you please, but there are certain elements that are essential.

    Versatile Refrigeration

    A homeowner’s refrigeration requirements must no longer solely be met by the presence of a bulky, freestanding fridge. For the discerning homeowner, refrigeration that blends in seamlessly with the décor is a must. High-end units can be camouflaged underneath the counter-even within a kitchen island. Refrigeration does not necessarily have to stay in the kitchen, either. UL-rated units for outdoor kitchens are available. You might even consider having a refrigerated wine bar installed in the master suite of your home.

    Powerful Range and Oven

    Seamless, integrated refrigeration is best complemented by powerful cooking options. Every luxury kitchen ought to have a spacious range, perhaps powered by infrared technology. Dedicated chefs will delight in steam combination ovens, which cook foods more quickly and restore moisture to prevent loss of flavor.

    High-End Cabinetry

    High-end cabinetry in a luxury kitchen is a given. It’s essential to choose genuine materials such as solid wood to match your luxury kitchen appliances. Darker cabinets are well-suited to spacious kitchens with cathedral ceilings . For a smaller space, select lighter cabinetry or perhaps choose a matte white finish. Your under counter refrigeration units can be made to match these finishes, although stainless steel panels often pair well with dark cabinetry.

    At AUTCOhome Appliances, St. Louis residents will find a suite of luxury kitchen appliances designed to enhance the beauty and function of their homes. We proudly carry SubZero appliances, Miele USA appliances, and True Residential appliances at our showrooms in O’Fallon, Fenton, and Westport. Call (314) 373-2000 and one of our associates will be happy to assist you.

  • Undercounter Freezers from True Residential

    True Residential offers a line of luxury kitchen appliances that are second to none. One of their latest selections is the under counter freezer, which offers both function and form in one remarkable package. These True Residential appliances blend in seamlessly with your kitchen décor and allow you to fully customize your space.

    See a demonstration of True Residential under counter freezers by watching this video. You’ll hear about some of the major features of luxury kitchen appliances, including the soft-close freezer doors, generous temperature range, and Lumina lighting. Even more impressive is the rating for both indoor and outdoor use, which is unique to the True Residential brand.

    For all of your luxury kitchen appliances in your St. Louis home, you can turn to AUTCOhome Appliances. Call (314) 373-2000 or visit one of our showrooms to explore our refrigerator and freezer options .

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