• The Distinctive Dishwashers from Dacor

    Each one of your kitchen appliances plays a vital role in the overall success of your kitchen function, and choosing the best dishwasher for your needs begins with the finding the right features for your lifestyle. The distinctive appliances from Dacor provide versatility and efficiency and may be exactly what you need in a new dishwasher.

    Distinctive 24”

    Packed with features that each provide a distinct and singular purpose, the Distinctive 24” dishwasher is an optimal choice for any kitchen design. Its stainless steel façade is resistant to fingerprints and is a stunning complement to a modern, minimalist, or tradition kitchen style. The Distinctive 24” boasts six wash cycles to manage nearly any type of dish or debris, and its increased interior vertical space accommodates a variety of larger platters, pots, and pans. The dishwasher’s 7-Part PureClean System ensures energy-efficient performance through a variety of features that provide useful solutions for the value-conscious cook. The Distinctive 24” dishwasher is an excellent choice of replacement for your older appliance and beautifully pairs with other Dacor cooking products.

    Renaissance 24”

    Among the finest of luxury kitchen appliances, Renaissance 24” dishwasher maintains the impressive stainless steel durability and beauty that is synonymous with Dacor’s appliance portfolio. Ripe with intelligent features and a luxury appearance, the Renaissance’s outside is resistant to marking and holds a hidden control panel, making its face as clean as its interior. Customize your handle by choosing from either Epicure or Millenia styles to complete your Dacor kitchen.

    Renaissance 24” Integrated

    With all of the high-end features offered by the Renaissance 24” dishwasher, its sister model, the Integrated, is equally dependable and attractive but can be customized to match your kitchen décor. Its hidden control panel allows you to overlay the front with your kitchen’s cabinetry or choose from Dacor’s selection of glass panels and handle accessories.

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  • Why Choose True Residential?

    ​The next time you’re in the market for high-end kitchen appliances or luxury appliances, you should consider True Residential appliances. True Residential has been manufacturing quality, high-tech refrigerators for over 70 years, and their latest line of refrigerators are among the most energy-efficient in the luxury appliance industry. True Residential is committed to designing high-end kitchen appliances that reduce your carbon footprint and minimize your environmental impact.

    The True Residential appliance manufacturing process is energy-efficient and sustainable. They have significantly reduced the materials needed for packaging and shipping, and use eco-friendly, recyclable insulation and materials. True Residential’s appliances are high-end kitchen appliances that are manufactured in the United States under strict regulations. Their refrigerator fans are low-energy, yet maintain a uniform temperature throughout the unit. Their refrigerators have shorter run times, lower energy consumption, and the industry’s coldest temperatures.

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  • Transforming Your Kitchen with Frigidaire Appliances

    If you are ready to upgrade your kitchen, look no further than kitchen appliances from Frigidaire. As this video demonstrates, Frigidaire’s sleek and professional-looking appliances fit neatly into existing spaces, giving them the built-in look of a brand-new kitchen. They are made using fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, and they come with a host of great features that make it easier and more convenient to use your kitchen.

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  • Spotlight on Dacor’s Discovery Ranges

    If you’re looking for a new convection oven, gas range, or induction cooktop, you should take a look at Dacor’s line of high-end kitchen appliances . Dacor’s luxury appliance line includes their innovative Discovery gas ranges. Here’s a look at some of the high-tech features of Dacor’s Discovery gas ranges.

    High Performance SimmerSear Gas Range Burners

    Dacor’s high performance SimmerSear gas range burners allow you much more control over your cooking, even at very low temperatures. Unlike other convection ovens, gas ranges, or induction cooktops, the Discovery line allows you to melt and simmer on each gas range burner without worrying about scorching. Their SimmerSear gas range burners provide precise control at ultra-high or ultra-low temperatures, and each burner is sealed and covered in a porcelain enamel for easy cleanup.

    iQ Controller and iQ Remote App

    Another high-tech feature of Dracor’s high-end kitchen appliances is their use of the company’s patented iQ technology. The Discovery gas range’s iQ controller is a fully-integrated, Wi-Fi connected tablet that delivers the Dracor iQ cooking app and luxury appliance guide to your fingertips for a rich, easy cooking experience. The iQ remote app allows you to control and monitor your Dracor Discovery gas range using any mobile device that has the app. This means that even if you’re in a different room, or away from home completely, you can ensure that your gas range is turned off.

    SmartFlame and Perma-Flame Technology

    Dracor’s Discovery gas range operates using exclusive SmartFlame and Perma-Flame technology. Perma-Flame technology automatically re-ignites the gas range’s burner for continuous, uninterrupted cooking. The SmartFlame technology reduces the gas range flame’s contact with the grate to prevent grate or burner discoloration, and increases the lifespan of the gas range.

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  • Looking Back at the History of Miele USA

    As you begin searching for luxury kitchen appliances and high-end kitchen appliances, you should consider Miele USA appliances. Miele’s range of high-end kitchen appliances are as beautiful as they are durable. Here’s a look at the rich and innovative history of Miele kitchen appliances throughout the years.

    Early Miele Kitchen Appliances

    The Miele kitchen appliances company began as Miele & Cie. in Germany in 1899. The company’s first line of luxury kitchen appliances included a cream separator, a butter churn, and a washing machine. Between 1912 and 1914, Miele & Cie. expanded from kitchen appliances to the production of automobiles. In 1915, Miele & Cie. added a line of wooden handcarts to their products, and the line was so successful it continued selling into the 1950s.

    Introduction of Miele USA Appliances

    Miele & Cie. expanded into the United States as Miele USA in 1983, and established a corporate headquarters in New Jersey. Their luxury kitchen appliances continue to be manufactured in Germany, the Czech Republic, and Romania, and are imported into the United States, where 10 states currently have Miele USA appliances showrooms. In 1988, Miele acquired the kitchen appliance manufacturer Cordes, and in 1990 the company took over the high-end kitchen appliance manufacturer Imperial. These companies’ convention ovens, refrigerators, and gas ranges were incorporated into the Miele kitchen appliance line.

    Luxury Appliances Milestones

    In 1914, Miele developed the first washing machine with an electric motor; in 1956, the first fully-automatic washing machine; in 1958, the first tumble dryer; in 1966, the first humidity-sensing dryer; and in 1976, the first top-loading washer-dryer. Miele continued to be pioneers of luxury kitchen appliances and high-end appliances, introducing TouchControl operation for dishwashers, microwaves, induction cooktops, and steam cookers.

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