Highlights in the History of Dacor Appliances

History says a lot when it comes to high end kitchen appliances. Consumers want the best brands with the experience to back up their products. For Dacor appliances , that history has been etched across the pages of America. From its humble beginnings in 1948 to the future of tomorrow, Dacor has been in the business of kitchens for a long time.

10 Years of Innovation

In 1948, Stanthony Corp was founded by Stan and Anthony Joseph and debuted its Self-Contained Ventilation Hood. This was the first of its kind for residential consumers. It included features such as easy installation, lifetime filters, and twin blowers.

Stanthony wasn’t satisfied with just the Ventilation Hood, though. In 1957, the Indoor Electric BBQ was unveiled. It was a patented indoor barbeque made so families could enjoy it whenever they wanted to, year-round.

New Name, Same Innovative Spirit

1965 saw the end of Stanthony, and the beginning of the Distinctive Appliance Corporation, or Dacor . Just because they had a new name didn’t mean Dacor would strive for anything less than their best. Ten years after incorporating, Dacor released a modular cooking system. This system was designed with smaller kitchen spaces in mind, so everyone could experience the joy of cooking a full and healthy meal.

The Recent Past, and the Continuous Future

Continuing with their space-utilizing model, Dacor released drop-in gas ranges in 1985. These featured continuous grates across the range to move cookware over the burners. Dacor released innovative ovens, stovetops, and dishwashers through the years until 2013 when the Discover iQ Wall Oven was released. This technological wonder is one of the first smart ovens for the consumer wanting a connected kitchen. Always being at the forefront of inventive luxury appliances, it’s only a matter of time to see the next wonder Dacor has to offer.

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