How Sub-Zero Addresses the Three Pillars of Food Preservation

SubZero Pro 48 Refrigeration

Your refrigerator is the one kitchen appliance that is meant to keep your food fresh for a long period of time. Sub-Zero is dedicated to accomplishing this goal in the most effective way possible. Here is a look at how Sub-Zero addresses the three pillars of food preservation.


The temperature of your refrigerator is extremely important when it comes to keeping your food fresh. However, it is especially important that the temperature inside your refrigerator stays consistent. A Sub-Zero refrigerator uses microprocessor controls to maintain the temperature with unprecedented accuracy ; the refrigerator will never vary from the temperature you choose by more than one degree. Additionally, the door seals perfectly so that the cool air does not escape, helping to keep the temperature consistent and reduce energy costs.


Another important component of effective food preservation is humidity. While your frozen foods stay fresh with the help of dry air, your refrigerated foods need air that is humid. With a Sub-Zero refrigerator, each compartment is completely isolated from the other so that foods in each section remain in ideal conditions. In addition, the produce drawers are sealed so that vegetables stay perfectly crisp.


In addition to the growth of mold and bacteria, foods tend to be spoiled by ethylene gas that they emit themselves. Fortunately, Sub-Zero has found a way to slow down this spoilage. Sub-Zero refrigerators utilize a sophisticated air purification procedure. This antimicrobial air purification system cleans out the ethylene gas that is emitted by the fresh foods, allowing them to stay fresh over a longer period of time.

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