• Cleaning Your Wolf Rangetop

    Wolf Rangetop

    Wolf appliances are the cream of the crop, offering high-performance and sleek, contemporary style. If you have a Wolf rangetop and you want to ensure it is running at peak efficiency and performance, it’s important to clean it every day. Before you begin cleaning, make sure that the surfaces are cool. Wipe up spills and splatters, and then apply a mild detergent for basic cleaning. Spray a degreaser on grease splatters and buff it right away. Apply white vinegar to remove water stains. Rinse everything with warm water and dry it with a clean, soft towel. Use a special griddle cleaner on the griddle, and rinse it with warm water as well. Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual for more cleaning tips.

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  • Choosing Appliances for Your New Kitchen Design

    Are you redesigning your kitchen or updating your appliances? If so, read through design magazines and cut out any appliance designs that appeal to you. Keep a binder of the clippings and take it with you to the kitchen appliances store. Next, take stock of your daily and occasional kitchen needs. This will help you decide whether you want standard, chef, or commercial-grade appliances. Remember that investing in high-end kitchen appliances may be expensive up front, but it will save you money in the long run while providing superior performance, efficiency, and style. Watch the video for more tips on choosing appliances for your new kitchen design.

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  • A Look at Distinctive Dacor Kitchen Appliances

    Dacor Distinctive Line

    Dacor makes a wide variety of modern, luxury appliances . If you want innovative technology, head-turning style, and outstanding value, take a closer look at what Dacor’s Distinctive line of home appliances has to offer. Read on to take a look at some of our popular Dacor kitchen appliances.

    24” Microwave

    The stylish and convenient Dacor 24” Microwave is a must-have high-end kitchen appliance . Using Sensor Technology, the Dacor 24” Microwave lets you touch a button to automatically adjust the power level and cook time based on your food’s moisture level.

    24” Dishwasher

    If you want a beautiful, contemporary dishwasher that offers high-end performance, the Dacor 24” Dishwasher is worth a closer look. It runs at a whisper-quiet 49 dB, features fingerprint resistant stainless steel, is ENERGY STAR certified, and comes with FocusScrub for easy cleaning of pots and pans.

    30” Wall Oven

    If you have a busy kitchen, the Distinctive 30” Double Wall Oven is the perfect high-end model for you. The Distinctive 30” Single Wall Oven offers compact elegance if you don’t need a dual-oven design. With six cooking modes, you can customize the way you cook to ensure your meals turn out perfectly.

    30” Range

    Dacor offers three different options for those who are looking for a luxury range. Powered by electricity and gas, the Distinctive 30” Dual-Fuel Range lets you maximize your cooking power. You can get the Distinctive 30” Electric Range for convenience and unmatched value, or the Distinctive 30” Gas Range for uncompromised performance.

    30” and 36” Cooktops and Rangetops

    The Distinctive 30”/36” Gas Rangetops gives you a spacious cooking surface and sophisticated, front-mounted controls. Dacor also offers Distinctive 30”/36” Gas Cooktops, which come with top-mounted controls, and 30”/36” Electric Cooktops, which offer excellent performance if you can’t or don’t want to use gas.

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  • Appliances for Creating a Well-Equipped Kitchen

    Luxury wood kitchen with granite countertop.

    Aside from the basic appliances—the oven, cooktop, dishwasher, and refrigerator—there is a range of appliances that every well-equipped kitchen must have. From the coffeemaker to the food processor, non-basic appliances can come in handy surprisingly often. Read on to take a look at the essential kitchen appliances for the fully-equipped kitchen of today.


    Most Americans start the day with a cup of coffee. To make sure that you enjoy a well-rounded, exquisite cup of Joe every morning, invest in a quality coffeemaker. Visit your appliances store and ask which models are the most popular, and which produce the best cup of coffee.

    Toaster and Toaster Oven

    A good toaster with plenty of wide slots is a good appliance to have if you eat toast on a daily basis. If you want a truly well-equipped kitchen , opt for a toaster oven instead. Toaster ovens toast open-faced sandwiches, reheat pizza, and bake small items.

    Blender and Food Processor

    A blender is essential for making a great smoothie or a pureed soup. A food processor, on the other hand, is great for food prep; it will automatically mince, chop, slice, or grate ingredients to help you prepare salad dressing, dips, and even pie dough.


    If you occasionally make cookies, cakes, whipped cream, frosting, or mashed potatoes, a hand mixer is an important appliance to have in your kitchen. If you’re a frequent baker, get a stand mixer instead, which will do all of the mixing work for you so you can free your hands for something else.

    Other Essentials

    A well-equipped kitchen must have an electric kettle, which will boil water for you in a minute or two. A slow cooker is also important if you want to eat tender meat without spending an entire evening preparing it.

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  • Cooking Tips for Your Gas Stove

    Pan with Shrimp

    Have you ever wondered why restaurants and professional kitchens use gas ranges to cook? The short answer is that gas is much faster to cook with than electric or induction cooktops, and because allows for precision heat control. If you upgrade your home kitchen and install a gas range, you should pick up some tips for cooking with gas if you are used to cooking on an electric or induction cooktop.

    First of all, upgrade your pots and pans to cast iron cookware and copper bottom pots. Keep the stove off until you are ready to cook. It doesn’t need time to warm up like an electric cooktop. Similarly, do not turn the stove off until the food is finished cooking. On an electric stove, you will still have a few minutes of heat when the burner is turned off; on a gas range, when the flame is off, so is the heat.

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