• Kitchen Efficiency Fundamentals: The Workstation Concept

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    A well-designed, organized, functional kitchen is every chef’s dream. While you may not need to be as efficient in your kitchen as a head chef in a restaurant, you still don’t want to be running from one part of the kitchen to another in the middle of meal preparation. The kitchen appliances you choose can go a long way toward improving your kitchen efficiency, as can a well-organized design such as the workstation concept.

    What is a Workstation?

    A kitchen workstation is simply the area in which you do the majority of your meal preparation and cooking. The difference between a true workstation and just a prep area is how well the area is stocked and organized. Your kitchen counter can be an excellent workstation if you have arranged it to be.

    How Do I Design an Efficient Workstation?

    The key to kitchen efficiency is to place all of your most used items within your reach. Pots, pans, utensils, mixing bowls, measuring spoons and cups, herbs, spices, and baking supplies should all be easily accessible without you having to do much bending, reaching, or stretching. Creating a workstation like this can be challenging, particularly if you are shorter in stature or have less kitchen space to work with.

    Make good use out of counter space whenever possible. Butcher blocks are more efficient in food preparation than rummaging through a knife drawer. A magnet strip on the wall can provide the same efficiency without taking up counter space. You don’t want your kitchen to become cluttered, but you do want it to be as functional as possible.

    It’s also important to choose kitchen appliances that contribute to your efficient design. For example, you may prefer a drawer dishwasher because it’s easier to load as you finish with prep dishes.

    For more information on efficient kitchen appliances and design, call AUTCOhome Appliances at (314) 373-2000 or Construction Appliance by AUTCOhome at (636)224-4038. We can help you choose the best kitchen appliances for your home. Give us a call or visit our website for more information.

  • Learn How to Care for Your Kitchen Appliances!

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    Learn more about caring for your kitchen appliances, making your kitchen more efficient, and the best features to look for in appliances by browsing through the resources below. Call AUTCOhome Appliances at (314) 373-2000 for all your appliance needs, or call Construction Appliance by AUTCOhome at (636) 224-4038.

    Find out more about how the Sub-Zero brand offers superior food preservation when you visit this page from the manufacturer.

    Check out this page from RealSimple.com to learn about produce that emits ethylene gas versus produce that is sensitive to the gas.

    The Michigan State University Extension offers more tips about cooking on a glass ceramic cooktop without damaging it.

    Find instructions on how to deal with special glass cooktop cleaning situations when you read this article from GE Appliances.

    Read this article from HomeandGardenIdeas.com to learn about how convection ovens work .

  • Wolf Dual Fuel Range vs. Wolf Gas Range

    As kitchen appliances go, few items are more important than your refrigerator and your oven range. Wolf produces excellent options for both dual-fuel ranges and gas ranges. Which one is right for you, though?

    Check out this video for a quick rundown of the differences between the two. Notice how the dual-fuel range offers electronic controls that tuck away when not in use, which the gas range does not. Additionally, the Wolf dual-fuel range features two convection fans while the Wolf gas range only has one. Watch the clip for even more distinctions so that you can decide which one suits your kitchen best.

    For more information about our kitchen appliances, including luxury appliances, call AUTCOhome Appliances today at (314) 373-2000 or Construction Appliance by AUTCOhome at (636)224-4038.

  • Exploring the Advanced Features of Sub-Zero Refrigeration Products

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    Sub-Zero has been a known and respected name in home kitchen appliances for decades. Always an innovator in their industry, Sub-Zero refrigeration products set the standard for quality, luxury appliances that perform beautifully for years into the future. If you’re thinking about choosing a Sub-Zero brand as your trusted kitchen appliance, you’ll want to know what kind of features you can expect. Sub-Zero refrigerators feature:

    Dual-refrigeration that does its job. One of the reasons that Sub-Zero appliances out-perform competing refrigeration units is because of Sub-Zero’s dual-refrigeration feature. Most freezer/refrigerator combos only have one compressor trying to perform the job of two. This leads to a strained appliance that is unable to perform ideally on either side. Sub-Zero takes care of this problem by giving each side its own dedicated, sealed system.

    Air purification for fresher food. Sub-Zero’s unique air purification system regulates the amount of ethylene in your refrigerator to be ideal for food preservation. Ethylene gas causes produce to ripen and wilt more rapidly, and is produced by certain types of produce. In addition to regulating ethylene concentrations, Sub-Zero’s air purification also filters for mold, bacteria, and viruses for a fresher-smelling refrigerator and uncontaminated food.

    High-tech controls to make your life easier. Sub-Zero refrigerators are equipped with a microprocessor that allows your appliance to monitor everything from temperatures in specific parts of the unit to when maintenance is due. The unit will self-adjust to compensate for varying humidity levels in the environment so that the environment inside the unit is always ideal for food preservation and crispness.

    Flexibility in design to fit your kitchen. There is virtually no design idea that you might have that Sub-Zero can’t accommodate. From covertly built-in models to timeless stainless steel stand-alone models, there’s a Sub-Zero for every kitchen and need.

    If you’d like to learn more about Sub-Zero refrigeration units, contact us at AUTCOHome Appliances today. Call (314) 373-2000, or contact Construction Appliance by AUTCOhome at (636) 224-4038 for more information.

  • Essential Care Instructions for Your Ceramic Glass Cooktop

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    Ceramic glass cooktops are wonderful kitchen appliances that can give your kitchen a more elegant, sophisticated look. While these types of cooktops offer a number of benefits, it is vital that you give them proper care. With the right care and maintenance, these kitchen appliances can serve you, both functionally and aesthetically, for many years to come.

    Care When Cooking

    When cooking on a glass cooktop, you should ensure that the surface is clean before cooking, and strive to minimize splatters and boil-overs.

    Never slide your cookware across the surface of a ceramic glass cooktop. Doing so could cause marks and scratches.

    Avoid dropping anything on the cooktop surface. Although ceramic glass is strong, it is not unbreakable.

    Always inspect the bottom of your cookware for dirt, debris, or abnormalities that could permanently damage your cooktop before using them.

    Care When Cleaning

    Ceramic glass cooktops require special cleaning products that are non-abrasive. Most cooktop brands offer recommendations about which cleaning products to use. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

    Regular cleaning with a cooktop cleaning cream will help preserve the appearance and function of your cooktop. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning after each use.

    If your cooktop has burnt-on residue, you’ll need to scrape it with a razor and an adequate amount of cooktop cleaner. Do not use abrasive scrub brushes; you can scratch the glass.

    Do not allow markings from metal cookware to remain on your cooktop. Heating your cooktop before removing these marks may cause the marks to become permanent.

    Some spills cannot be cleaned from your cooktop because the substance bonds with the glass. In these instances, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer or your appliance supply dealer for a replacement glass.

    For more information about ceramic glass cooktops, call AUTCOhome Appliances at (314) 373-2000 or Construction Appliance by AUTCOhome at (636)224-4038. We carry a wide range of kitchen appliances and high-end appliances. Visit our website to learn more about our products.

  • Learn How to Organize Your Kitchen!

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    From cooking to entertaining guests, you depend on your kitchen for a number of your everyday activities. To find out how you can outfit it with the best appliances, visit the links below. Call AUTCOhome Appliances at (314) 373-2000 or Construction Appliance by AUTCOhome at (636) 224-4038 to learn more about the luxury kitchen appliances that we carry. 

    • Get expert advice for arranging items in your new Sub-Zero refrigerator in this Real Simple article.
    • Do you need an oven hood ? Take a look at this informative article from Better Homes & Gardens for tips on choosing the right one.
    • Keeping your new appliances clean can enhance their longevity. Learn how to get them spotless with help from Martha Stewart.
    • If your refrigerator begins to emit a funny odor, try some of the at-home remedies suggested on this page.
    • A frequently used oven needs to be cleaned often. Learn how to get it shining without the use of harsh chemicals with help from Mother Nature Network.

  • Maximizing Food Freshness with Air Purification and Sub-Zero Refrigeration

    Although you may not be aware of it, certain foods in your refrigerator could be altering the freshness and taste of sensitive foods, such as leafy greens. Thanks to the state-of-the-art purification system developed by researchers at Sub-Zero, you no longer have to worry about one food making the rest of your produce less appetizing.

    Sub-Zero’s purification system uses UV light and titanium dioxide to neutralize the effects of the gas while also reducing odor and bacteria. Sub-Zero’s purification system technology was originally used by NASA. To learn more about how it can keep your food fresh, check out this video.

    Call AUTCOhome Appliances at (314) 373-2000 or Construction Appliance by AUTCOhome at (636) 224-4038 to find out which Sub-Zero products are right for you. Learn more by visiting our website.

  • One-Two-Free from Thermador!

    Thermador one-two-free promo

    All Thermador 30″ Pro Ranges are now eligible for the One-Two-Free national promotion!

    For those who love to cook and need a new 30″ range, they can now have the perfect kitchen-with all necessary appliances at the heart of the kitchen design.

    For more information about the One-Two-Free deal, and how AUTCOhome Appliances can help you design the kitchen of your dreams call us today at (314) 373-2000.

  • The Advantages of Factory-Certified Installation for Your Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliances

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    Now that you’ve purchased a Sub-Zero or Wolf luxury appliance , chances are that you’re eager to have the unit installed in your home so that you can begin using it. Whether you’ve chosen a new dual-fuel range by Wolf or a sleek freezer by Sub-Zero, you should have your new appliance installed correctly by a trained professional. Here are just a few of the advantages of factory-certified installation for your Sub-Zero or Wolf appliance:

    Additional Year of Warranty

    One of the most attractive reasons to have a factory-certified professional install a Sub-Zero or Wolf appliance is that it provides you with an extra year of full warranty. If your appliance begins to malfunction in any way, you can simply call your luxury appliances dealer and have it serviced under warranty by a certified repairman. If it needs to be replaced, simply return it for a new model.

    Energy Savings over Time

    Most homeowners overlook the energy-saving benefits provided by professional installation. If improperly installed, appliances are likely to perform in an inefficient manner that uses excess energy. Save yourself money and ensure that your kitchen is a green space by leaving the installation to a certified professional.

    Guaranteed Experience and Precision

    In order to become a factory-certified installation professional, a person has to demonstrate that he understands exactly how the appliance works and how best to install it for optimum performance. He is also a trusted representative of your local appliance supply store whom you can feel comfortable having in your home throughout the installation process.

    Here at AUTCOhome Appliances , we offer the highest level of customer service. Our certified professionals can assist you during the installation process to guarantee efficiency and proper performance. Call AUTCOhome Appliances at (314) 373-2000 or Construction Appliance by AUTCOhome at (636) 224-4038 to learn more about our services.

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