• Join Us At Cooking School With Annie Gunn’s!

    Annie Gunns Cooking Invite

    Join us on October 9th from 6:30-8:30 for our cooking school with Annie Gunn’s! We will be hosting it at Construction Appliance by AUTCOhome in Fenton!

    For more information about our upcoming cooking school, call us today at (314) 373-2000.

  • What Sets Sub-Zero PRO 48 Refrigerators Apart from the Rest?

    sub-zero appliance

    With so many different brands and styles of refrigerators available today, it can be hard for a consumer to know which option is the best for his home. Here at AUTCOhome Appliances, we love recommending Sub-Zero PRO 48 refrigerators to customers who want to enjoy the benefits of luxury appliances every day. Here’s what sets Sub-Zero’s PRO 48 refrigerators apart from the rest:

    • Sleek Stainless Steel
      If you are creating a modern kitchen décor, stainless steel offers aesthetic advantages over other materials used to make kitchen appliances. Sub-Zero PRO 48 refrigeration units are made of solid stainless steel that has been sculpted to offer a modern yet timeless appearance.
    • Advanced Controls
      Sub-Zero PRO 48 refrigeration offers advanced controls that allow each user to adjust the settings to accommodate usage patterns. These controls help you to store your food at the right temperatures. 
    • Optimal Performance
      In order to create the most efficient units, Sub-Zero designed PRO 48 refrigerators to utilize two compressors and three separate evaporators. These features allow you to keep your food fresh. Another great feature for buyers is the included icemaker filter that provides you with clean ice continuously.
    • Unmatchable Energy Savings
      Sub-Zero is known amongst consumers and retailers for its commitment to energy efficiency. PRO 48 refrigeration meets strict standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Energy—this will help you to save money in energy costs while reducing your negative impact on the environment.

    If you want to learn more about PRO 48 refrigeration from Sub-Zero, visit AUTCOhome Appliances. Our clients can’t get enough of the high-quality luxury kitchen appliances offered by Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances . Give us a call today at (314) 373-2000 to learn more about our high-end appliances.  

  • AUTCOhome’s Cooking School Featured in St. Louis Homes Magazine!

    balanced bites balanced bites 2

    Check out this great article featuring Annie Gunn’s chef Lou Rook III!

    Make sure you join St. Louis Homes Magazine and Annie Gunn On October 9th from 6:30PM-8:30PM at Construction Appliance by AUTCOhome! For more information on our cooking school contact AUTCOhome at (314) 373-2000!

  • Revamp Your Kitchen with New Appliances!

    Summer Dining

    If you found our recent blog posts interesting and informative, explore the information provided below. These links contain information about kitchen appliances that could help you transform your kitchen into a culinary paradise. To inquire about our selection of high-end appliances, call AUTCOhome Appliances in St. Louis at (314) 373-2000.

  • Keep Up-to-Date on the Cardinals with This App

    stlouis cardinals

    There’s no better way to spend the day than watching the latest Cardinals game with your friends as your grill up your favorite food. With the help of the BaseballSTL app, you will never miss another Cardinals game. Updated 24 hours a day, this app combines data from KMOV and 101ESPN to bring you the latest Cardinals news, stats, and scores. In addition, you can get live updates regarding the weather in case you are planning on hosting a game-day barbeque.

    You can’t grill for game day if you don’t have the right appliances. If you are looking for high-end appliances in the St. Louis area, call AUTCOhome Appliances at (314) 373-2000.

  • AUTCOhome Appliances Announces the Wolf Convection Steam Oven!

    wolf appliance-convection steam oven

    AUTCOhome Appliances is proud to announce the newest addition to our showroom family-the Wolf Convection Steam Oven! With multiple modes of operation, you can do a variety of cooking from steaming to convection to slow roasting.

    With the Wolf Convection Steam Oven, the moistness and flavor are always retained so no additional oil or sauces are necessary-saving those calories for something else! We are also able to retain 25% more vitamins using the steam oven! In Wolf Gourmet mode, a sensor automatically adjusts your cooking time to prevent under or overcooking!

    For more information about the Wolf Convection Steam Oven, visit our website or contact AUTCOhome Appliances today at (314) 373-2000.

  • The Waiting is Over!!

    sub-zero appliance-french door

    AUTCOhome Appliances is excited for the arrival of our newest addition to our showroom, the French Door Refrigerator from Sub-Zero ! This brand new built-in fridge offers great style, lasts long and is the innovation you deserve from Sub-Zero!

    This 36” unit comes in Sub-Zero’s signature, timeless stainless finish with a choice of three handle styles. The French-door style unit can be fitted with a custom panel overlay and installed with your surrounding cabinetry. Key features include an ice maker, air and water filtration. 

    Make sure you stay connected with AUTCOhome Appliances -the French Door Refrigerator is now IN STOCK at our AUTCOhome Appliance location! Visit our website or call us today at (314) 373-2000 for more information.

  • 3 Reasons to Consider Building an Outdoor Kitchen


    There are few better ways to enjoy a warm summer evening than with a leisurely meal in the comfort of your own backyard. Whether you’re sharing a meal with your family or hosting a neighborhood get-together, you will love cooking outside and enjoying the beautiful climate. Here are three reasons to consider building an outdoor kitchen furnished with high-end appliances :

    1. Enjoy Your Space
      When the weather is pleasant, there’s no reason to cook within the confines of your indoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen can provide the same appliances and facilities in your own backyard. This means that, instead of separating yourself from your guests as you cook, you can prepare the food while enjoying the company of your guests. Another benefit of an outdoor kitchen is simply that you get to enjoy the great outdoors while you prepare your meal.
    2. Enjoy Convenience
      Preparing food inside while your guests are outside can be inconvenient for everyone involved. For example, you have to constantly shuttle food and dishes between your yard and your home. In addition to increasing the chance of a spill, the constant opening and closing of your patio doors will lead to increased energy usage as the cool air from your home escapes into your yard. Hosting a gathering in your yard also means that you’ll have less cleaning up to do in your house afterwards.
    3. Enjoy Increased Home Value
      Building an outdoor kitchen is a great way to enhance the value of your home. Potential buyers are sure to be impressed by an outdoor kitchen outfitted with the latest luxury appliances. With appliances like a stove, grill, and sink, an outdoor kitchen provides a complete alternative to your indoor kitchen that buyers are sure to find attractive.

    With an outdoor kitchen, you can plan neighborhood parties in the comfort of your own yard or decide at a moment’s notice to enjoy a leisurely meal with your family in the great outdoors. If you are looking for high-end appliances for your outdoor kitchen, call AUTCOhome Appliances in St. Louis at (314) 373-2000. We offer the best in luxury appliances, including options from Wolf and Sub-Zero.

  • How to Keep Your Wolf Oven in Great Shape

    wolf oven

    When you invest in a Wolf oven, you know you are acquiring one of the finest high-end appliances on the market. Built with high-quality materials and designed according to precise engineering, Wolf ovens have taken culinary luxury and functionality to a whole new level. To take full advantage of your new oven, however, you need to ensure that it is properly maintained. Here are some ways to keep your Wolf oven in tip-top shape:

    • Perform Regular Maintenance
      Like any appliance, Wolf ovens work best when they are regularly inspected and maintained. Have a technician who specializes in Wolf products regularly check your oven to make sure that it is working properly. Minor issues may not be immediately apparent during everyday use, but if left unattended, they could develop into something more serious. A trained technician will be able to fix small problems quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your Wolf oven continues to deliver the quality performance that you expect.
    • Clean It After Use
      Wolf ovens are known for their functionality and versatility. These kitchen appliances can also instantly transform a kitchen, giving your home an elegant, sophisticated look. Whereas conventional ovens often look bulky and poorly designed, the sleek, smooth design of Wolf ovens is sure to add flair to your kitchen. In order to maintain this feel, you should take special care to clean your oven thoroughly after use. Wipe up spills on a regular basis with a hot, wet cloth to ensure your oven always looks its best.

    If you are tired of the mediocrity of your conventional oven, consider investing in a Wolf appliance. With a few simple maintenance steps, you can keep your Wolf appliance working like new for years to come. If you are looking for high-end kitchen appliances for your home, call St. Louis’ AUTCOhome Appliances at (314) 373-2000.

  • Transform Your Kitchen!

    Custom Kitchen

    If you found our recent blog posts interesting and informative, explore the information provided below. These links contain information about kitchen appliances that could help you transform your kitchen into a culinary paradise. To inquire about our selection of high-end appliances, call AUTCOhome Appliances in St. Louis at (314) 373-2000.

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