Exploring the Innovation behind Sub-Zero Refrigeration Technology

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As one of the best brands of luxury appliances , Sub-Zero represents the pinnacle of preservation and refrigeration engineering. The designers behind these high-end appliances focus on balancing several factors to create the ultimate in aesthetically appealing and functional kitchen technology.

  • Keep Food Fresh
    Sub-Zero refrigeration is about more than just keeping food cold—it focuses on preservation, so food stays fresher for longer. For example, moving beyond a simple crisper drawer, high-end Sub-Zero refrigerators control the environment in every compartment with microprocessors for precise temperature control.
    Sub-Zero also offers individual humidity control to keep foods fresh . If you’re a fan of a particular ingredient that requires strict settings, you won’t have to worry about losing it to premature spoilage.
  • Use Energy Efficiently
    Sub-Zero refrigeration is also focused on efficiency. Thanks to individual compartment controls and separate freezer and refrigerator doors, energy is conserved and used only when necessary, offering a more intelligent use of power.
  • Enjoy an Integrated Look
    Integrated refrigeration offers a whole new facet of kitchen food preservation. As an incredibly visually appealing addition to any kitchen, these units seamlessly join with your cabinetry design. You can find wine storage, dedicated freezers, and combinations that suit the most discerning cook.
  • Save Space
    If you’re pressed for space, under counter refrigeration is available in the same configurations as the Sub-Zero integrated models. Sub-Zero also offers anywhere installation, allowing you to place a wine storage rack in your dining room or a beverage center in the home office.

AUTCOhome in St. Louis features a variety of Sub-Zero appliances, making the possibilities for your kitchen endless. You will have the most advanced and high-end technolog y when you purchase these luxury appliances. Call AUTCOhome today at (314) 262-4524 for more information.

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