• Tips for Designing a Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

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    If you hate being locked up inside on beautiful days but want to get a delicious meal on the table for your family, then a luxury outdoor kitchen filled with quality kitchen appliances may be right for you. Luxury outdoor kitchens are for people who enjoy spending their time outside and like a change of scenery. If you’re looking to start building an outdoor kitchen in your backyard, then here are some tips to get you started.

    • Location, Location, Location!

    Choosing the most comfortable and practical place for your outdoor kitchen is essential. Where is the sun during the day? Which direction does your yard face? Where do you have the most comfortable space? Weather and direct sunlight can have a major impact on your location for your outdoor kitchen. You can also choose to cover the entire area, which may help with wear and tear on your appliances.

    • Choose Quality Appliances.

    It’s no secret that when it comes to a quality home or kitchen appliance, you often get what you pay for. Many luxury appliance brands offer products specifically designed to weather the outdoors. You also want to choose the appliances you actually need outside. It may be nice to have an outdoor ice maker, but you also want to have room for your grill, refrigerator, sink, and other essentials.

    • Decorate and Create.

    With an outdoor kitchen, designing and creating a comfortable living space is of the upmost importance. Installing patio heaters or small air conditioner units for unpredictable weather and adding adequate lighting for nighttime cooking are crucial. Decorate in a style that suits you and choose appliances to complement the look of your space.

    If you’re ready to start designing your luxury outdoor kitchen, then speak to our professionals at AUTCOhome. We offer a wide range of products and brands including SubZero, Wolf, Dacor, Viking, and many more. Contact us at (314) 262-4524 today.

  • Luxury Appliances to Help You Cook Like a Top Chef

    thermador convection oven

    We’ve all watched shows like Top Chef , in which chefs’ slice, dice, and sauté like magicians. We shake our heads in disbelief: “How can they do that?”

    In fact, it’s not as tough as it looks. Today’s luxury kitchen appliances are made for viewers of those shows, and they’re designed to make it possible for them to bring that sort of masterful cooking into their own kitchens. Some of the best luxury appliances available on the market today include:

    • Convection Ovens:

    These ovens—long used in pizzerias and bakeries, only recently became popular in residential homes—cook food by using a fan to spread the heat throughout the oven, rather than from the bottom as in conventional ovens. They cook faster than regular ovens and provide more even cooking—and they even use less energy !

    • Thermador’s Star ® Burner:

    Boasting the most even heat distribution of any stove burner around for more than a decade now, the Star Burner—now in its second incarnation, with an elevated burner for easier cleaning —remains a “star” even among luxury appliances. For clean and efficient cooking, kitchen appliances don’t come any more useful than this.

    At AUTCOhome Appliances , we’re committed to providing the best kitchen and luxury appliances you can find today. We carry home appliances from Jenn-Air, Viking , and many of today’s other top brands in the luxury appliance world. Visit us today to learn how you can change your whole cooking experience overnight!

  • Bell Peppers pt 1: A Quick How-to

    Chef Nate shows us an awesome trick to easily cut a bell pepper!

  • Check Out Chef Nate’s Station on YouTube!

    Check out this video to learn a quick and easy trick on how to separate and peel garlic in less than ten seconds!

    AUTCOhome specializes in supplying high-end appliances including SubZero, Wolf, Dacor, Viking, Thermador, Monogram, Kitchen-Aid, and more. For more information about home appliances or Chef Nate’s Station, contact us at (314) 262-4524.

  • Taste of St. Louis- Who is Going this Weekend?


    Food, art, music, need we say more?  We’d love to see youre food pics!  Share your pics from the event with your favorite food items and maybe we can get Chef Nate to recreate with his own flare and share those recipes.  For more information about Taste of St. Louis visit www.tastestl.com


  • 4 Dependable Appliance Brands You Can Count On | AUTCOhome Appliances


    When you are shopping for new kitchen appliances, you want products that will work day-in and day-out for years to come. The right appliances can add style and elegance to your kitchen—these trusted brands offer sleek design along with durability and energy efficiency in all their products:

    1. Sub-Zero: Superior craftsmanship is the best known quality for each Sub-Zero appliance. Built to perform and built to last. As food preservation specialists, our goal is to preserve the freshness of your food.
    2. Wolf: To get a professional-quality kitchen in your home, explore the beautiful line of Wolf appliances. Their commercial-style ranges and hoods will have you cooking like an expert chef every day.
    3. Kitchenaid: As one of the most trusted names in refrigeration, Kitchenaid offers a wide range of spacious and powerful refrigerators. They also manufacture durable, energy-saving dishwashers, ovens, and microwaves. To keep your Maytag products working their best, extended manufacturer’s warranties are available.
    4. Dacor: This designer line of products from Dacor includes stylish appliances to match any kitchen design with the dependability of the name. For those who love to explore their culinary creativity, Dacor products are designed to bring a chef’s kitchen into any home.

    To shop for these and many other quality names in appliances, look no further than AUTCOhome . We specialize in supplying St. Louis with the best high-end appliances that blend style and functionality to give your kitchen a professional touch. Our expert staff members can help you find the perfect appliances. To find out more about the difference luxury appliances can make in your home, visit our website or call (314) 262-4524.

  • Refrigerators Buying Guide | AUTCOhome Appliances

    When considering their kitchens, most people envision themselves cooking, eating, and using a variety of kitchen appliances. A broken microwave, rattling dishwasher, or dated refrigerator can be the difference between a mediocre kitchen and an amazing one. A great refrigerator is an important key to kitchen nirvana—it’s the largest appliance in the room, one used most often, and can set the color scheme or tone of the space.

    This video by Consumer Reports discusses the essentials for buying the perfect refrigerator that’s right for you. Style, size, price, and, most importantly, performance are all taken into consideration as different kitchen appliances are tested and reviewed.

    If you’d like to learn more about different types of refrigerators for your home, then stop by AUTCOhome Appliance s in St. Louis to find out more. Our store specializes in kitchen, home, and luxury appliances, and our professionals are on the job to make sure you find the refrigerator that’s perfect for you.

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