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    Cooking and the kitchen are more popular than ever. Today, with tons of new appliances flooding the market and countless cooking shows, the kitchen is a great place to cook and spend time with loved ones. Finding the most practical and best kitchen appliances is crucial. Anyone can serve up a delicious meal with the help of new kitchen appliance technology, which makes cooking easier and more fun than ever.

    Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine

    Gone are the days of ten appliances in the cupboard—this machine does it all. The Universal Kitchen Machine eliminates the need for multiple items. Not only does it serve as a state-of-the-art mixer, but available attachments include a blender, juicer, meat grinder, and much more.

    KitchenAid Immersion Blender with Whisk and Chopper

    Forget a big, bulky blender and a huge food processor to chop up your food. This light and portable blender has multiple functions. It can be used to create soup and smoothies, or you can use its whisk to whip up a light and fluffy treat. Or add chopping attachments to cut and dice your food to perfection.

    GE Electric Kettle

    An electric kettle is the perfect way to boil water fast. One touch of a button and your kettle is ready to go. You can use it for hot chocolate or tea on rainy Missouri days, or to quickly start cooking pasta and other recipes.

    Indoor BBQ Grill

    BBQs can be a lot of fun in the summer, but when the winter cold or rainy summer days discourage your favorite outdoor activity, try an indoor BBQ grill. They give the same smoky tastes, take up little room, and make a delicious BBQ meal a reality all year long.


    You can learn more about each of these brands and products from the professionals at AUTCOhome. We are open every weekday plus Saturdays to help make your search for the perfect kitchen appliances more convenient and enjoyable. Call (314) 262-4524 to find out more today.


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    Shopping for high end appliances can be fun as long as you consider the factors we covered in our recent articles.  If you’d like to learn more about appliance maintenance and matching your existing kitchen décor, then read through these great resources.

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    • Most design experts recommend buying matching appliances from the same manufacturer.  This is the best way to ensure the pieces match each other and look great in your kitchen.
    • If you are adding a new stainless steel appliance to your kitchen, then make sure the shade of stainless steel matches your other appliances.  Read this eHow.com article for more information.
    • Check out this site to see some great examples of kitchens where the appliances were carefully matched to the existing counter tops and cabinets to give a seamless look. 

  • Kitchen Remodel: Appliances – HGTV

    When it comes to a remodeling the kitchen, you are going to have to make a lot of choices.  From flooring to countertop material to cabinet color, there will be a nearly endless number of options.  One of the most important decisions will be selecting appliances to buy. 

    Check out this video for some information on how the pick the perfect appliances for your freshly remodeled kitchen.  The appliances will likely be one of the most expensive parts of the kitchen and while you can always paint your cabinets to change them up, the appliances you choose will be much more permanent fixtures. 

    Check out some of the great high-end appliances available from  AUTCOhome Appliances .   



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