• How to Make Your New Luxury Appliances a Seamless Part of Your Kitchen

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    Many homeowners want to add new luxury appliances to their kitchens without going through the whole hassle and expense of a full remodel.  Appliance supply stores offer incredible, new, high-end appliances that can make your kitchen more functional, beautiful, and enjoyable overall.  Before you head out to your local store, check out these tips on getting your new high-end luxury appliances to match your existing space.

    Color Choices – When adding new luxury appliances to your home, you should first consider your kitchen’s existing color scheme .  Cabinets and counter tops are particularly important.  You might find the perfect luxury appliance in black, but if your whole kitchen is white, it will clash.  Thankfully, appliance supply stores will usually be able to offer a great selection when it comes to matching colors. 

    Stainless Steel – If you want to keep it simple, try going with stainless steel high-end appliances—these will match almost any existing kitchen design.  One thing to note is that not all stainless steel is the same color.  If you are thinking about only replacing some of the kitchen appliances in your home, be sure to carefully match the stainless steel color on new appliances. 

    Same Brand – As mentioned above, stainless steel can differ between kitchen appliances.  One way to get your kitchen looking seamless and great is to stick with one brand of high-end appliances.  This way you will be sure that the appliances match the kitchen, as well as each other. 


    Are you still searching for the perfect luxury appliances to put in your home?  Come see the amazing selection of kitchen and home appliances here at AUTCOhome Appliances .  We offer the best in high end appliances in a variety of styles to fit any kitchen design.  Contact us today or check out our website to learn more. 

  • A Basic Guide to Maintaining Your High-End Appliances

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    Home appliances are important investments, so you’ll want to make sure to take great care of them.  Opting to buy great, luxury kitchen appliances can make your whole life easier and more fun.  Enjoy your high end appliances for years and years to come by following these basic maintenance steps.


    Clean as recommended – High-end appliances usually have specific cleaning guidelines .  For example, stainless steel, which is used on many luxury appliances, requires specific care to maintain its luster and shine.  The steel is actually not as durable as it sounds and your stainless steel home appliances should only be cleaned using a bit of dish soap, water, and a soft cloth.  Or a stainless steel cleaner. When cleaning, make sure to go with the grain of the stainless, otherwise the piece will become streaky or cloudy looking.


    Read the manual – The most common reason for high-end appliances failure is consumer neglect or error.  Learn to use your appliance correctly by reading the manual and asking for advice at your local appliance supply store.  Common issues are overloading washers and dryers, not properly cleaning food residue out of dishwashers, and more.  The manual should also have additional tips on regular maintenance steps. 


    Call in a professional for any needed maintenance or repairs – High-end appliances are complex machines, and fixing is not always an easy job.  It’s best to call in the professional if you are experiencing any issues.  Getting the home appliance fixed at the first sign of trouble is a good way to ensure you don’t do additional damage by continuing to use it.  


    If you are looking for new, high-end appliances, then check out the appliance supply options here at AUTCOhome Appliances .  We offer a huge range of great luxury appliances that will fit any and all of your home appliance needs.  We only sell the best in luxury appliances which are bound to last years and years with the proper care and maintenance.  


  • Ways that Modern, High End Stoves Put Your Mom’s Stove to Shame

    Kitchen appliances have come a long way since your grandmother mixed cookie batter by hand and whipped up quick peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for your school lunches. Cookies and peanut butter haven’t gone out of style, of course—but the kitchen appliances you may remember from your childhood definitely have.

    Today’s top stoves don’t need a pilot light —they turn on electronically. Cooks who need to prepare multiple dishes at once can now buy stoves with six or more eyelets, so they can multi-task and keep a pot boiling over every flame.

    The stoves of today are also far more powerful than the stoves of yesteryear. BlueStar’s RNB series features the high-powered Ultranova burner—which burns at a crisp 22,000 Btu—and porcelain-coated cast-iron ranges. For sheer cooking efficiency, that’s hard to top.

    Finally, today’s stove makers keep aesthetics firmly in mind when they design. Want a charmingly retro-looking stove that retains the advantages of modern technology? Want a hand-crafted model built to your personal specifications? Want a sleek-looking stove with an attractive copper finish? They’re all available.

    Are you ready to start shopping? You can kick off your journey into the world of modern kitchen appliances by visiting AUTCOhome Appliances . We carry stoves and other kitchen appliances by Thermador , Dacor , and many of the other top high-end appliance brands. If you want to learn how the latest in high-end appliances can revolutionize your kitchen, then visit us today. Let’s face it: When it comes to appliances for your home, there’s no need to settle for anything less than the best.

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