• Bosch Kitchens at IBS 2010 Professional Builder Show Village

    When you think Bosch, do you think luxury appliances? You should. Bosch has some great options when it comes to appliances for your home. And because you know it’s a Bosch, you know it’s built to last.

    As you’ll see in this video, Bosch has some of the quietest, most energy efficient home appliances on the market. From refrigerators to dishwashers and even laundry machines, you’ll be amazed at all that Bosch has to offer.

    If you’re looking for a Bosch or any other line of great home appliance, then you should be heading to AUTCOhome in St. Louis. We specialize in home appliances that will bring your home both style and efficiency.

  • Top 4 Ways to Improve the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Your Kitchen Space

     Anyone who’s had a party in their home knows that no matter where you set up the party, people tend to congregate in one place—the kitchen. The kitchen is also where we spend quality time with our family and loved ones.

    For these reasons, it certainly pays to have an efficient kitchen space with good kitchen appliances. Professional chefs know the necessity of a well-organized kitchen, and kitchen remodelers spend a lot of time figuring out the best ways to make the space more efficient . Well, from kitchen appliances to organizing features, we have some ideas to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your kitchen.

    1. The right size stove

    If you don’t cook much or for many people, then you may only need a small stove. However, if you regularly cook for a family of 12, then you will need a stove big enough to accommodate 4 or even 6 large pots and pans.

    2. A good dishwasher

    How much time do you spend washing the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher? A good dishwasher can eliminate the hassle while still getting your dishes spotless. You may even consider a 2 drawer model so you can wash smaller loads or glasses during a party.

    3. A good mixer

    If you cook and bake a lot, then this home appliance is a must. Choose a mixer from KitchenAid that comes with other attachments, such as a pasta maker and meat grinder to maximize your efficiency.

    4. Message board with organizer

    Most likely, everyone in your family goes through the kitchen multiple times in a day. With a dry erase board and an organizer, your family will always get the message.

    There is a lot you can do to ensure that your kitchen is efficient. From kitchen appliances that can perform multiple tasks to energy efficient home appliances like dishwashers that get the job done, take the time to look at your options at your local appliance supply store.

    In St. Louis, AUTCOhome is your best choice for high end appliances that will help make your kitchen as efficient and effective as a chef’s kitchen. Visit us online , or stop by our showroom today.

  • Kitchen Basics

    You don’t need to be an interior design guru in order to create a kitchen that is both functional and comfortable.

    In this video provided by House Beautiful Magazine , host Christopher Peacock discusses how he prefers to utilize space in the kitchen. The first thing to consider is the spatial elements in the room, making sure there is room to walk and space for the doors of the appliances to open. Peacock also recommends placing the cooking appliances on the wall and not on the island, in order to achieve proper ventilation and to retain counter space.  Watch for the video for more helpful tips!

    Visit the AUTCOHome Appliances website today, search our appliance supply , and find out how we can help you choose the high-end luxury appliances that will make your kitchen a true home.

  • Check out AUTCOhome Appliances Beautiful Showroom!

    AUTCOhome Appliances hosted a National Kitchen & Bath Association, aka NKBA, monthly meeting back in January at their beautiful showroom. The NKBA is a non-profit trade association that has educated and led the kitchen and bath industry for more than 35 years. 

    The NKBA helps consumers by acting as the ultimate resource for everything from finding a design professional in your area to informing you on industry trends, products and services. They publish a free consumer workbook that offers remodeling tips and guides you through the process of redesigning your kitchen or bath from beginning to end.

    To see AUTCOhome Appliances showroom for yourself, visit us at 11610 Page Service Rd, St. Louis!

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