How Beer Lovers Can Benefit from the True Beverage Dispenser

Beer lovers can tell what makes a good glass of beer and what doesn’t. One of True Residential’s luxury appliances —the True Beverage Dispenser—is one of the few pieces of kitchen technology that can make the perfect glass of beer every time. They can host amazing beer-tasting parties. When beer lovers wish to introduce the world of beer to those around them, they can host some great beer-tasting parties with the True Beverage Dispenser. This luxury appliance can be installed in an indoor or outdoor kitchen. It also comes with a stainless steel or wood panel finish to ...

Make Your Kitchen More Professional with True Residential

True Residential appliances have long been trusted in various commercial industries, including restaurants and hotels. In recent years, True Residential has heard the demand for these high-end kitchen appliances to be available in homes across the world. Here is a look at the various kitchen appliances True Residential offers to make your kitchen more professional in design and function. Refrigerators come in a clean, stainless steel configuration, complete with adjustable shelving and ramp-up lighting. They are also antibacterial due to the stainless steel feature, which makes shelves and ...

True Refrigerator Drawers: The Next Level

Your refrigerator is one of the most important kitchen appliances you will own. It keeps your food protected and stored for healthy eating later on. You and your family deserve a True Residential refrigerator to keep you healthy and safe for years to come. As you can see in the short video, True Residential offers customizable drawers in all of their refrigerators. You will have up to 54 cubic feet of space to store items, and you can swap out dividing kits to separate individual food, if you like. If you are looking for refrigeration at its finest, look to True Residential appliances in St. ...

Choosing the Right Sub-Zero Wine Refrigerator for You

Whether you are a collector of fine wine or you simply want a nice wine assortment handy for parties, wine refrigerators have become a necessary kitchen appliance for many homeowners. There are few manufacturers that know wine storage as well as Sub-Zero, which offers a variety of options for any wine lover. Here’s a brief look at how to select the right wine fridge for you. Determine Your Desired Bottle Capacity Each Sub-Zero wine refrigerator has a designated bottle capacity, meaning it can hold a certain number of bottles according to the width of the luxury appliance. Each wine ...

How to Select a Miele Range for Your Inner Chef

One of the most important kitchen appliances is your range, especially if you are a chef by profession or simply at heart. Miele USA offers a full line of ranges among their luxury appliances. Here is a breakdown of how to select your Miele USA range. Consider the Size You Want Miele USA appliances come in a variety of sizes, and the same holds true for the ranges Miele offers. Whether you choose a range complete with an oven, or you only install a range top, your size options are 30”, 36”, and 48”. Consider how much cooking you do, and consider the size of your family. If ...

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