How to Select a Miele Range for Your Inner Chef

One of the most important kitchen appliances is your range, especially if you are a chef by profession or simply at heart. Miele USA offers a full line of ranges among their luxury appliances. Here is a breakdown of how to select your Miele USA range. Consider the Size You Want Miele USA appliances come in a variety of sizes, and the same holds true for the ranges Miele offers. Whether you choose a range complete with an oven, or you only install a range top, your size options are 30”, 36”, and 48”. Consider how much cooking you do, and consider the size of your family. If ...

Spotlight on the Dacor Distinctive Series

Busy schedules can make meal prep a challenge, even for experienced cooks. If getting plenty of cooking done in a short amount of time is your style, then consider the inclusion of high-end kitchen appliances from the Dacor Distinctive series in your culinary arsenal. The array of kitchen appliances from the Dacor Distinctive series offers ideal options for busy families and active kitchens. Boasting a stunning, modern appearance, these appliances are designed to each serve a specific purpose, allowing you to manage a handful of kitchen tasks at once. This series features state-of-the-art wall ...

A Look at the True 42

The average family relies heavily on its kitchen appliances, so the quality of your refrigerator can have a significant impact on day to day life. The stylish and attractive refrigerators from True Residential Appliances can help provide your kitchen with the look and functionality you’re hoping to create. Watch this video to learn more about the beauty and quality of True 42 refrigerators. Stainless steel refrigeration, lift-up grills, dual compressor and evaporator systems, and stainless steel industrial hinging place these refrigeration systems far above other contenders. True ...

Enjoy Outdoor Grilling with Wolf

Your outdoor kitchen appliances allow you to cook in your backyard while enjoying the fresh air and the pleasure of company. If you’re unsatisfied with your current outdoor grilling experience, then it’s time to take advantage of Wolf brand grills. Quality Construction When you make the decision to choose Wolf for your outdoor grilling needs, you can buy with confidence knowing that you are selecting a superior product. Wolf BBQ grills offer exceptional construction and quality performance that will last your family through years of outdoor cooking. Wolf BBQ grills come in several ...

The Benefits of a Dedicated Beverage Refrigerator

If you find that you lack space for beverages in your fridge, or never have cold drinks on hand where and when you need them, then you may benefit from having a dedicated beverage refrigerator in addition to your current kitchen appliances. These coolers can offer your family several benefits that can enhance the versatility and comfort of your home. Greater Drink Accessibility Enjoying ice-cold beverages might be considered one of the best parts of summer, and having chilled drinks readily available can be useful for year-round cooking and entertaining. When you include a dedicated beverage ...

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