Upgrade Your Kitchen with the Miele Pro-Style Range

If you are shopping for a new range that offers precision features and intuitive controls, look no further that the Pro-style Range from Miele USA Appliances. In this video, you will take a look at some of the terrific features that this range will bring to your kitchen. The Pro-style Range features an M Touch interface that will allow you to cook all of your favorite meals with ease. For answers to your questions about Miele USA Appliances in St. Louis, get in contact with the team at AUTCOhome Appliances. Our company sells only luxury kitchen appliances, and our team of experts will be able ...

What You Should Consider with Kitchen Zones when Purchasing Your True Appliances

If you and your family members spend a majority of your time in the kitchen, it is important to make sure that your space functions properly for all of your daily activities. As you are shopping for new kitchen appliances from True, you will want to make sure that you consider the functionality of each zone in your kitchen. Read on for an overview of kitchen zones, and how creating zones can help you make the most of your kitchen design. Create a Work Triangle When you are creating your kitchen’s layout, you can think of your kitchen zones in terms of a work triangle. Traditionally, this ...

Kitchen Design Inspiration from Bosch

When you are shopping for luxury appliances for your kitchen, it is important to pick out pieces that match the aesthetic of your kitchen, as a whole. The Bosch line of luxury kitchen appliances offers products that can be tailored to match a variety of kitchen styles. If you are getting ready for a new kitchen construction project, read on to receive some helpful design inspiration from the makers of Bosch. San Francisco Inspiration San Francisco is a city that combines the fast-paced environment of the tech world with the more laid back California lifestyle. When designing a San Francisco ...

Reasons to Choose Viking for Your Luxury Appliances

When you start looking for luxury kitchen appliances, there are few names with better technology and customer service than Viking. The Viking company and appliances have recently undergone a massive overhaul, which resulted in a better class of countertop appliances and technological expertise. Continue reading to learn more about why you should choose Viking when shopping for your kitchen appliances. Viking has won multiple awards for their restaurant-quality, residential appliances. These kitchen appliances utilize the newest and most efficient technology to bring you a better kitchen ...

What to Expect from a Built-In Miele Convection Oven

A convection oven can be a homeowner’s dream luxury appliance for their kitchen. With Miele USA appliances, however, a convection oven is on a completely new level of luxury kitchen appliances. As seen in this short video, the Miele USA convection oven has various touch-screen controls that can influence the oven’s moisture levels, heat, temperature probing, and so much more. The oven itself is extra-large to accommodate any pastry, roast, or meal a homeowner may decide to make. The options are limitless with this exceptional Miele USA appliance. AUTCOhome Appliances carries the ...

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