Exploring Your Monogram Wall Oven Options

There are many types of wall ovens that offer convection cooking, easy controls, and helpful cleaning options. Monogram is one of the best manufacturers of these luxury appliances, offering choices to suit any homeowner’s cooking style. Keep reading to see which of Monogram’s ovens may be perfect for your kitchen. Pizza Oven If you love pizza—and you want to make restaurant-quality pizza at home—then you should install a Monogram pizza oven. This appliance features easy-to-use touch controls and precise heating zones that will make your pizzas taste as if they came ...

Clever Ways to Keep Kitchen Appliances Clean

When you use luxury kitchen appliances, you’ll want to keep your kitchen clean and free of spills and hazards. You can achieve this goal with simple cleaning tactics and household objects to help. Let’s take a closer look at some clever ways to help you keep your kitchen clean. Use a ruler for those under-appliance spills. There are times when large spills may seep under the oven or refrigerator. It may seem impossible to clean these spills without moving these heavy kitchen appliances. However, you can keep all areas of your floor clean with a ruler and a mild cleaning mixture. ...

Where Should You Store Milk in Your Refrigerator?

Luxury kitchen appliances have been engineered to provide you with better performance for all of your daily kitchen tasks. After you purchase a brand new refrigerator from Sub-Zero appliances, you may have questions about where to store your milk, eggs, and other dairy items. To keep your milk fresh after you bring it home from the store, you will want to keep it as cold as possible. Ideally, milk should be stored in one of your refrigerator’s main shelves, and should also be placed towards the bottom of the unit. When you are shopping for luxury Sub-Zero appliances in St. Louis, look no ...

Learn the Family History of Dacor Products

The Dacor appliance company can trace its history back more than five decades. In this video, you will learn about the family history of this luxury kitchen appliance brand. Dacor got its start when the family’s grandfather invented the first self-contained ventilation hood. Over the years, Dacor has pioneered innovative luxury kitchen appliances that are built with family life in mind. When you are shopping for luxury kitchen appliances in St. Louis, be sure to explore the line of Dacor products that are available from AUTCOhome Appliances. Our company offers a great selection of ...

Recognizing the Signs that It's Time to Replace Your Range

The range cooktop is one of the most crucial appliances in any kitchen. From cooking your daily meals to preparing family feasts, chances are that you use your range for the majority of your cooking at home. If your range suddenly goes out or fails to heat food evenly, you may find yourself searching for new kitchen appliances. To help you identify when it is time to start thinking about buying a new range, here is a look at three signs that it is time for a replacement. Your food burns easily. Today’s sophisticated cooktops allow for precise temperature control, which is something you ...

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