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AUTCOhome Appliances hosted a National Kitchen & Bath Association, aka NKBA, monthly meeting back in January at their beautiful showroom. The NKBA is a non-profit trade association that has educated and led the kitchen and bath industry for more than 35 years. The NKBA helps consumers by acting as the ultimate resource for everything from finding a design professional in your area to informing you on industry trends, products and services. They publish a free consumer workbook that offers remodeling tips and guides you through the process of redesigning your kitchen or bath from beginning ...

How a New, High End Refrigerator Can Change Your Life

Today’s basic refrigerators offer adjustable shelves, meat and vegetable drawers, and even ice-makers. However, investing in a high-end refrigerator will provide you with even more luxury features for your kitchen. Consider some of these luxury kitchen appliance features that are bound to change your life in the kitchen: Drawer Refrigerators : Many models have the freezer located below the refrigerator instead of on top, which is a relief for shorter people or those with bad backs. KitchenAid even has a Double-Drawer Refrigerator/Freezer that makes storing drinks and appetizers on top ...

Choosing the Best Oven for Your Home and Lifestyle

When selecting kitchen appliances, your cooking and lifestyle needs should be your first priority. Purchasing a luxury appliance may be the best choice for your home, especially when shopping for a new oven. Here are some things to consider when choosing an oven for your home: Space - Before you start looking for units, measure the space where your oven will be. Consider any room that will be needed to properly open the oven door and for any cabinets in the area. Burners - Many traditional stoves have four burners on top, but serious cooks can choose stoves with six or even eight. Modular ...

Three Ways to Remodel Kitchen

A new, luxury kitchen can give any home a “facelift”. Remodeling your kitchen can transform the entire house into a younger looking home. Maybe that’s why remodeling a kitchen has been named the #1 remodeling project in terms of return on investment. Below is a list of the top three ways, you can transform your kitchen into a “luxury” kitchen. 1.) Granite Counter Tops Granite countertops are the most durable type of countertops and provide a sense of luxury to your home. They are not very common, because granite can be quite expensive, and difficult to put in. ...

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