Inventive Ways to Use Your Wolf Rangetop Griddle

When you purchase a stovetop from Wolf luxury appliances, your unit may come equipped with a griddle. This video demonstrates some innovative ways that you can use your Wolf rangetop griddle. From flipping pancakes to sautéing vegetables, your griddle can provide you with a variety of functions for all of your meal preparations. For answers to your questions about luxury kitchen appliances in St. Louis, contact AUTCOHome Appliances by calling (314) 373-2000. Whether you are interested in purchasing a new convention oven or stovetop, you are sure to find your ideal unit when you tour our ...

Gas, Induction, or Electric: Choosing the Right Cooktop for You

Shopping for a new cooktop is a major part of many kitchen renovation projects. As you are touring your options for luxury kitchen appliances, you will find that there are several different styles of cooktops for you to choose from. Your selection of a gas, induction, or electric cooktop will depend on your cooking and lifestyle preferences. Here are some factors to consider when you are selecting your next cooktop. Gas Cooktop If you are the type of chef who likes to have access to high powered heat on demand, a gas cooktop may be suited to your needs. With a gas cooktop, you will prepare ...

Tips for Making Your Refrigerator More Energy Efficient

The refrigerator is one of the most important kitchen appliances in your home. When you purchase a luxury refrigerator from a nationally recognized brand, you can rest assured that your unit will provide you with terrific performance and efficiency. However, there are certain steps that you can help to achieve the best energy-efficiency performance from your refrigerator. Read on for some handy tips that will make your refrigerator more energy-efficient. Regulate the Temperature While you want to make sure that your refrigerator keeps your perishable goods fresh for as long as possible, ...

Adjusting Cooking Times for Convection Ovens

Convection ovens are a popular type of high-end kitchen appliance, because they offer a more complete and even heat for any meal or baked item you might make. Due to the different type of cooking that convection ovens offer, recipe cooking times must often be adjusted to accommodate routine recipes. Here is a better look at how you might adjust the time for cooking in your oven: There are a few accepted methods used to convert recipes from conventional cooking to convection cooking. You will want to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and your own recipe before making your final ...

Upgrade Your Home Bar with the True Clear Ice Machine

Your home bar should be outfitted with the latest luxury appliances like wine storage, refrigerators, and a True Clear ice machine. True Residential manufactures these amazing ice machines that will raise your home bar to the next level. Watch the video and read on for a better look. This True Residential luxury appliance features a water filter to produce crystal clear ice cubes. It also includes a multicolored light that can shine 14 different colors onto your ice. In addition to a sleek design that will match your other appliances, the True Clear ice machine can produce up to 70 pounds of ...

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