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When to Switch to Your Oven's Convection Setting

If your new high-end oven has a convection setting, you may find yourself wondering what exactly makes a convection oven different from a conventional oven. The difference is simple: Unlike a conventional oven, an oven with a convection setting has a fan that blows hot air to cook food. Then, the hot air is vented using an exhaust system. The convection setting provides for faster, more even, and more efficient cooking. Here are some cases when the convection setting is the right choice to achieve the most delicious results:

You’re baking a batch of cookies.

The convection setting isn’t recommended for cooking some popular desserts, such as custards or cakes. It’s great for making cookies, however, because it ensures that the treats will be baked evenly. Instead of having to rotate the pan of cookies, you can simply wait until they’re finished baking.

You’re making a casserole.

The convection setting is great for cooking anything in a covered dish, since it makes it easier to cook the food all the way through. While using the convection feature tends to dry food out, this won’t be a problem if you have the food covered while it’s cooking.

You’re roasting a meal.

If you want to make roast chicken, roast duck, or even roasted vegetables, the convection setting will come in handy. Not only will the convection feature speed up the cooking process, but it will also make the food crispier on the outside while keeping it tender on the inside.

You want to dehydrate your food.

Using the convection feature is one of the easiest ways to dehydrate food. If you want to make dried fruit as a snack, for instance, you can do it effortlessly by cutting up the fruit, turning on the convection setting, and letting the fruit dry out on a baking sheet inside your oven.

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