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Your Guide to the Modernist Series by Dacor

Dacor makes four series of high-end kitchen appliances: Modernist, Discovery, Renaissance, and Distinctive. The Modernist Series is one of Dacor’s most popular appliance series, because it features advanced technology, beautifully-crafted designs, and various cooking options for the curious cook in the family. Let’s take a closer look at one of Dacor’s most popular appliance series, the Modernist Series.

Enhanced Technology

Technology is constantly advancing throughout every corner of the home, including the kitchen. Dacor’s Modernist Series features refrigerators, induction cooktops, and dishwashers with the latest technology. For example, Dacor’s combination wall oven features a hybrid cooking system. This oven includes a microwave oven, convection-sear technology, and the trademarked Four-Part Dual Pure Convection. Dacor’s refrigerator features Wi-Fi cameras, LED lighting, and a Dual Icemaker that features the slower-melting Cocktail Ice option.

Sleek Lines

The modernist decorating theme includes furniture and décor with straight, sleek lines and clean colors. Dacor’s Modernist Series takes these design qualities to heart. Dacor’s high-end appliances are made with stainless steel, glass, and clean, black colors. The Modernist Series does not overwhelm the kitchen, but enhances it with clean, modernist techniques. This decorating style is the perfect choice for any modern homeowner.

Diverse Options

Dacor offers exceptional technology to its customers. This technology makes Dacor’s high-end kitchen appliances more diverse and full of options. For example, Dacor’s induction cooktops respond to touch and feature multiple cooking zones to allow homeowners a place to cook any dish. Dacor’s refrigerator features a Dual Icemaker and cameras to allow homeowners to see inside their refrigerator without opening the door. These features can reduce the amount of energy consumed in each household.

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WESTPORT: 11610 Page Service Drive 63146

FENTON: 1694 Larkin Williams Road 63026

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