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Explore E Series Built-In Ovens by Wolf

Wolf appliances are built for convenience and style, and those features are paramount in the E Series ovens by Wolf. These luxury kitchen appliances feature dual convection heating, various styling options, and built-in features that are standard only to Wolf. The E Series ovens and other Wolf appliances offer homeowners more options than ever before. Read on to get a better look at Wolf’s E Series ovens.

Dual Convection Systems

Convection ovens help pick up the slack of inconsistent heating that comes from standard ovens. However, Wolf is not satisfied with the still unpredictable results that can come from single convection ovens. Wolf builds its E Series ovens to feature dual convection systems. These systems offer two fans and several heating elements that evenly distribute heat and airflow across all of the oven’s racks. This state-of-the-art heating system can be used for baking, roasting, and broiling.

Wolf-Standard Features

There are features that come standard to Wolf ovens, yet these standards may not be found in conventional ovens. Wolf ovens include temperature probes that will signal when a dish is done based on personal preference. These ovens also come with halogen lights in the interior. This feature gives cooks and bakers a more accurate representation of their cooking dish without opening the oven door. Among these Wolf-standard features, the E Series ovens include adjustable, easy-glide racks and large windows.

Stackable Appliance Options

Wolf creates luxury kitchen appliances that work together, and the E Series ovens are no different. Wolf E Series ovens can be installed in a tower-like formation that is built directly into the kitchen. Homeowners can stack several E Series appliances to make an easy-access cooking area. Among the appliances available are the dual convection ovens, microwaves, and warming drawers.

AUTCOhome Appliances is dedicated to offering customers the highest quality in luxury kitchen appliances and that begins with Wolf appliances in St. Louis. Our showrooms carry several Wolf appliance models, so call us at (314) 373-2000 to set up an appointment with our kitchen designers.


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WESTPORT: 11610 Page Service Drive 63146

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