Tips for Making the Most of Your Oven's Warming Drawer

Today’s luxury kitchen appliances are equipped with many features that have been developed to enhance your experience when you are cooking in the kitchen. After you purchase a new convection oven, you may notice that your unit contains a separate warming drawer. Your oven’s warming drawer can prove to be invaluable when you are preparing large meals or hosting a gathering with your extended family. Read on to review some tips that will help you use your oven’s new warming drawer. Maintain Temperature of Dishes One of the main functions of your oven’s warming drawer is ...

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Second Refrigerator?

If your main refrigerator is overflowing and constantly disorganized, your family might be ready to invest in a second refrigeration unit. By visiting a store that sells kitchen appliances, you can find an efficient second refrigerator that is spacious enough to house all of your excess food items and perishables. To highlight the advantages of visiting your local appliance store, here is a look at three benefits of buying a second refrigerator for your home. Increased Storage Space One of the main reasons that families choose to buy second refrigerators is to increase their capacity for ...

Highlighting Dacor's Discovery TouchTop™ Induction Cooktops

With the brand new luxury kitchen appliances that are constantly changing the cooking game, there’s no reason to live in the past. Dacor is happy to help you modernize your kitchen with Discovery TouchTop™ induction cooktops. Modern kitchen design should be streamlined and intuitive, which perfectly describes Dacor’s Discovery TouchTop™ appliances. These cooktops are available in 30” and 36” models, and they all feature slick and responsive touch controls. They use top-notch technology to offer an environmentally friendly cooking experience, with minimal ...

Whole Meal In and Whole Meal Out with the M Series Ovens by Wolf

Dinner parties are fun, but not when you get stuck in the kitchen and can’t socialize with your guests. Today’s kitchen appliances make dinner parties a breeze. Watch this video to see how you can cook a whole meal at once with Wolf’s M Series ovens. The key to the M Series ovens by Wolf is their dual convection systems. With 2 convection fans, the air will circulate evenly throughout the oven. This means that all you have to do is put the food in and set the temperature. M Series ovens by Wolf can even handle up to 6 dishes at a time, so you can enjoy yourself at your next ...

MasterCool™ by Miele Sets New Standards for Refrigeration

It’s nice to have a fridge that seems right at home in your kitchen, and Miele has created exactly that. MasterCool™ kitchen appliances are taking refrigeration to the next level by offering more capacity, gorgeous looks, and luxurious features. Read on to see how Miele has set the new standard for refrigeration with MasterCool™. Extra Capacity Miele USA appliances are not known to disappoint, and this doesn’t change when it comes to MasterCool™ refrigeration. One of the most attractive aspects of this kind of refrigerator is the extra capacity that it offers. If ...

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