The Latest Generation of Miele USA Microwaves

Miele appliances are renowned for their performance and convenience, especially Miele’s latest generation of microwaves. Generation 6000 microwaves by Miele are designed for even cooking, re-heating, and defrosting. Side controls and top controls allow for seamless integration with other Miele appliances, and automatic programs take the guesswork out of microwave cooking. The latest Miele microwaves also keep food at serving temperature for up to 15 minutes after the program has finished, which means you can leave a dish in the microwave while you finish up the rest of the meal. If you ...

Reclaim Your Kitchen with a Wolf Range

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Unfortunately, Americans as a whole have been neglecting their kitchens more and more as of late. When you rely on someone else to cook for your family, you not only miss out on the opportunity to bond with your loved ones but you don’t get to experience the joys of celebrating food in your own kitchen. Wolf wants to help. Watch this video to learn more about the importance of cooking at home and how easy it is to get started. If you want to fall in love with cooking all over again, AUTCOhome Appliances can help. We carry the best high-end kitchen ...

A Look at the Science Behind Convection Ovens

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or just looking for some new, high-end appliances that make cooking easier, make sure a convection oven is at the top of your list. Like gas ranges, convection ovens are a mainstay of professional kitchens—and for good reason. Convection ovens promise faster cooking times, evenly cooked food, and improved energy efficiency over conventional ovens. Read this brief article to learn more about how convection ovens work, and then visit a luxury kitchen appliance showroom in St. Louis to get a closer look for yourself. The Oven The biggest ...

Spotlight on Built-In Refrigeration from Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero pioneered the concept of built-in refrigeration, providing food preservation without sacrificing beautiful kitchen design. Sub-Zero built-in refrigerators allow you to achieve a seamless kitchen aesthetic, even more so with customizable door panels and hardware. Before you visit a high-end kitchen showroom in St. Louis, read this quick spotlight on Sub-Zero built-in refrigerators to start exploring your options. Built-In Configurations Sub-Zero built-in refrigeration models are available in a number of different configurations and sizes to suit the design and layout of your kitchen. ...

Spotlight on Miele USA Speed Ovens

When you are charged with the responsibility of cooking for a family of hungry teens, time is of the essence. When this is the case, you will need the assistance of certain luxury kitchen appliances. Read on as we put the spotlight on Miele USA speed ovens. Miele USA speed ovens are all about expediting the cooking process so that you can enjoy your food sooner. These kitchen appliances make use of a combination of functions. The convection mode is ideal for baking and roasting, while the microwave function is better suited for cooking, reheating, and defrosting your food. These functions can ...

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