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Let Sub-Zero and Wolf Cook Dinner for You

You don’t have to be an experienced chef to make a nice, home-cooked dinner, especially if you have Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances in your kitchen. With these luxury kitchen appliances, you can enjoy a gourmet meal every night. Watch this video to find out more. When you choose luxury appliances, you make your life easier. Your Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances will do much of the work for you, so all you have to worry about is enjoying your meal. Tell your oven what you’re putting in, and then use the built-in settings to handle the rest. Why stress about your dinner when you can rely on ...

Get the Most from Your New Convection Oven

Adding a convection oven to your kitchen may be one of the best things you could do for your household. The trick is finding the right one and knowing how to make the most of this luxury kitchen appliance. Continue reading to discover a few tips to help you take full advantage of your convection oven. Choosing the Right Model Selecting the right convection oven to fit your needs will let you get started on the right foot and start making delicious meals right off the bat. You’ll probably want to go with a larger unit if you have a knack for cooking and tend to be the entertainer among ...

Wine Storage FAQs and Answers

An aged bottle of wine can be the perfect addition to any meal, but it needs to be stored correctly to make sure it doesn’t go bad while it is aging. To store your wine, decide what type of luxury kitchen appliance you might need, and how you should go about maintaining your bottles. The following are some answers to common questions that will guide you through your decision making process. How should I position my wine for storage? The key to storing a corked wine bottle is keeping the wine in contact with the cork. Cork contains air pockets, so it needs to remain moist in order to keep ...

Dacor's VirtualFlame: Combining Elegance with Safety

Today’s luxury kitchen appliances are keeping up with modern design, which means they’re becoming much sleeker. Sharp corners and streamlined designs may be visually appealing, but they can sometimes be dangerous for children. Continue reading to find out how Dacor’s VirtualFlame combines elegance with safety. Modern kitchen appliances are often so camouflaged into the design that you might not even realize you’re looking at a refrigerator. With gas ranges and induction cooktops, this can prove to be dangerous. Induction cooktops are completely flat surfaces, and ...

Creative Place Cards for Your Dinner Party

When you have luxury kitchen appliances to show off, what better way to do it than with a dinner party? You can make your event extra-special by customizing the decor. Watch this video on making creative place cards for your dinner party. Start by cutting a piece of cardstock paper in half, and then fold each of those halves in half. Use a piece of scrap paper to cover everything but the bottom edge of the card, and then apply tape adhesive overlapping the scrap paper and the card underneath. Remove the scrap paper, press gold foil over the adhesive, and remove it so the foil remains on the ...

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WESTPORT: 11610 Page Service Drive 63146

FENTON: 1694 Larkin Williams Road 63026

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