Cleaning Your Smooth-Top Range

Like any of your other luxury kitchen appliances, your smooth-top range should be cleaned after each use. Fortunately this is a relatively simple and straightforward procedure, so it should not give you too much trouble. Continue reading if you would like some help in cleaning your smooth-top range. There might not be much to clean up when it comes to your smooth-top range, but it is important to do this small amount of tidying properly. First clear the area and make sure the range is off, and then use damp paper towels to wipe down the surface. Carefully scrape up any stains that you might ...

How Does Induction Work?

There are many ways to create heat, and many luxury kitchen appliances do so using induction. Watch this video clip for a brief lesson on how induction works. Induction cooktops are regarded for their ability to generate heat quickly, efficiently, and safely. These kitchen appliances rely on the interaction between their own magnetic fields and the magnetized cookware that the chef will use. Induction creates friction by vibrating electrons, and the resulting heat directly impacts the ingredients. This allows chefs to enjoy an unprecedented level of control and efficiency. AUTCOhome Appliances ...

Factors to Consider When Creating a Luxury Kitchen

Although everyone might have a different idea of a luxury kitchen, yours should be aesthetic, affordable, and efficient. This means you should consider your design, make sure your money is in order, and find luxury kitchen appliances that can help you save. Here is an overview of these factors to consider when creating a luxury kitchen. Go for Efficiency The phrase “luxury kitchen” might make you think of the expenses that your remodel will incur, but the right choices in appliances can actually help you save money. Energy efficient appliances might come with a steeper price tag, ...

A Glimpse at the Frigidaire 2-in-1

Although there are all sorts of different luxury kitchen appliances, there might be nothing more luxurious than a convertible refrigerator and freezer. This kind of appliance maximizes space and lets you make the most of your leftovers. Read on if you are interested in a quick glimpse at the Frigidaire 2-in-1. The most luxurious and convenient of luxury kitchen appliances will adapt to your needs, and that is exactly what the Frigidaire 2-in-1 does. This convertible appliance is completely customizable and helps to accommodate your every need when it comes to food storage. There are many ...

The History of Sub-Zero

Not many companies are capable of remaining successful decade after decade, and those that aren’t could learn from Sub-Zero appliances. Watch this video for a look at the history of Sub-Zero. From humble beginnings in 1945 to an international corporation in today’s society, Sub-Zero has come a long way. The business began three generations ago in a basement, and now it has state of the art facilities where innovation is constantly brought to life. Sub-Zero has been able to remain successful because of its commitment to quality products, its proper treatment of employees, and its ...

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