Spotlight on Pro 48 from Sub-Zero

When it comes to freshness, convenience, and control, there is truly no topping the Pro 48 from Sub-Zero. This high-end kitchen appliance makes use of dual refrigeration, triple evaporators, and an ergonomic design. Continue reading as we put the spotlight on Pro 48 from Sub-Zero. The dual refrigeration system present in the Pro 48 allows you to keep your food as fresh as possible for as long as possible. Your fresh foods will receive the humid conditions they need, while frozen food will stay appropriately dry. Triple evaporators allow you to adjust and customize each different compartment of ...

Cook Amazing Meals with Wolf Appliances

Going out to a restaurant is a nice treat, but what if you could achieve the same quality with your kitchen appliances at home? Watch this video to see how you can cook amazing meals with Wolf appliances. Wolf appliances can allow you to create restaurant-quality meals in your very own kitchen. Any Wolf oven with a gourmet setting can guide you through the perfect prime rib, impressing your guests and satisfying your appetite. With these high-end kitchen appliances you do not need to monitor your meal, so you can prepare its dressing while you wait. The team at AUTCOhome Appliances is ...

Top Tips for Storing Your Wine

An aged bottle of wine may make for an excellent addition to a romantic dinner, but only if you have stored it properly. It helps to use quality luxury kitchen appliances when it comes to keeping your wine safe in storage. Continue on for a look at a few top tips for storing your wine. Find the Right Temperature It always helps to know what conditions will best preserve the taste and quality of your wine. Storing your wine in a location with excessive heat can lead to premature aging, and your wine may end up tasting flat. Store your wine in cold temperatures for too long, on the other hand, ...

The Benefits of Cooking on a Gas Range

When it comes to luxury kitchen appliances, everyone has their own style. Some prefer to cook on a gas range, while others prefer to use electric cooktops. While one is not necessarily objectively better than the other, each has its pros and cons. Keep reading for a look at the benefits of cooking on a gas range. Precise Control Those who are committed to cooking with gas ranges understand that the level of control that these ranges offer is difficult – if not impossible – to beat. Your gas range responds to you immediately, from the second you turn on the flame to the second it is ...

What Is the Right Oven for You?

A good cook can adapt to subpar kitchen appliances, but a smart cook does not have to. Choosing the right oven can make cooking more fun and satisfying than ever before, and your family will thank you. Read on if you keep wondering what kind of oven is right for you. Many cooks have been making the conversion from regular ovens to convection ovens. Convection ovens come with a range of benefits including moisture retention, efficiency, and versatility. A convection oven can help you enjoy a nice and juicy meal by trapping moisture within the food. It can also help you cut down your energy ...

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